The Hidden Threat


Donations are rolling in, faster and stronger with each conversation we have. And we of the Constitution Party could not be more grateful. Your gifts make it possible for us to not only continue to fight for Liberty, Integrity, and Prosperity but to expand our operations and march onward towards the restoration of our republic.

Every day patriots around the country continue to raise their faces and behold, with newly opened eyes, the crisis all around us. They cry righteous tears at the horror and devastation they witness daily.

We are seeking patriots to join us; growing our ranks, to be the strength in our arm, the knowledge in our mind, and the wisdom in our heart. For the continued restoration of our republic and the safety and well-being of our children and our children’s children, we, of noble soul and patriotic mind, MUST step forward from among the crowd. From many, we MUST become one. However, we MUST NOT fall victim to the hidden threat. We mustn’t let the bystander effect sap our will to action and turn us from taking our rightful roles within the leadership of our towns and cities.

At this point in our history, only a party that reveres the Constitution and the freedoms it affirms for us has the legitimacy to rule. We all know that. While the traitorous Democrats and Republicans continue to discuss curtailing our rights, the threats that prove the need for our rights continue to grow.

The bystander-effect. What a strange concept. Many of you have probably heard of this, before, but not all of you may know what it means.

Open your mind and imagine if you will.

You are witness to a car accident. Among the flames and wreckage, you see the shapes of people. Not knowing if the people trapped within are capable of getting out on their own, the urge to step forth and render aide wells up from somewhere deep inside you.

You suck in a deep breath. Your body tenses up, and you prepare to take the plunge. You are ready to be that good Samaritan that you know you should be. Willing to risk injury or even death to help your fellow Man. But then, as you prepare to step forth, you notice that a crowd has gathered. People have their cellphones in hand. You are sure that among them, someone is dialing the police. Right? And, it crosses your mind that somewhere in the crowd is another good Samaritan and one that is physically capable of helping more than you are. You get the sense that your help is not as needed as you thought it was, and you step back into the crowd, sure that support is on the way.

The problem, however, is that most everyone else there is thinking the same thing. “I know that I should help, but with so many people here, I’m sure someone else is already working on it.” And so, the wreck burns. Gradually, as the people standing passively around you capture video of the horror unfolding before you, the motion of those trapped within becomes still. All at once, everyone watching realizes the tragedy that has just befallen the scene.

A thick, sickening feeling falls over the crowd as they realize that, had anyone acted on their first instincts, the result would have been dramatically different. The guilt of knowing that you failed in your duty to step forward settles like concrete in your heart. It weighs you down. As time goes on, this weight doesn’t lessen. It grows. The knowledge that you had but to step forth, reach out your hand, and tragedy could have been averted slowly poisons your disposition, like mercury in cheap tooth fillings.

Our nation is crumbling around us. We all cry out for a hero to step forward and right all the wrongs, to bring justice to the evil parasites that have taken up residence in the soul of our nation, sapping it of its vitality and vigor. We know in our heart of hearts that we have but to reach out, seize the steering wheel, and turn this car away from the oncoming semi-truck that we can see so clearly heading straight for us. But we all think that someone more capable than us will step forward if we wait long enough.

Who will be the hero of the story?

The reality that we fail to act upon is – no hero waiting in the wings. YOU must be that hero. YOU must be the one to step forth. YOU have but to make that choice. YOU are the one that is needed. The collective strength of every true patriot is necessary to avert the devastating destruction that awaits us if we fail to act.

Our republic is in flames. The recent terror attacks in Gilroy, Dayton, and El Paso demonstrate that. I won’t even bother going into details about the political leanings of each of these shooters. There’s no point. We don’t want to admit it. It’s easier to think that things will go back to normal if we elect the right politician. But it’s just not so.

Our political elites have sold us out. The Democrats continue to go utterly insane and tear themselves apart, while the Republicans continue to make backhanded deals that use the twisted, fractured wreck of our civilization as a stepping stool on which to elevate themselves.

You know it’s true. Look at any big city in the United States – witness the crime, the violence, the gangs that walk the streets among the drug-addled zombies they use, and witness the lack of fear of consequences they know won’t come. Witness the hordes of invaders flooding across the border by the tens of thousands every month and witness the corrupt, incompetent wretches in D.C. that simply don’t care. Even our mid-sized cities, small towns, and rural communities are not immune to this. The epidemic of drugs has utterly devastated our populace at every level of society. Illegal immigration has decimated the middle-class. Tech censorship has laid waste to our political discourse. Our nation has become a powder keg, and the people we have elected to lead us out of this mess laugh and throw lit matches at it. How much longer can it go on like this?

What can be done about this?

We need to fund our ballot initiatives, our outreach efforts, and to hire and pay staff to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. But even more than that, we need YOU to not fall victim to the bystander effect. We need YOU to throw your hat in the political ring and become a candidate for the only party in the United States that regards the Constitution as the wellspring from which our civilization draws its greatness. We need YOU to be the hero that steps forth to quench the growing fires of civil conflict. With superior ideas and a return to our traditional way of life, we can put out the flames that encroach all around us.

These conversations are not ones of negativity and pessimism. They are messages of hope and calls to action. What could be more positive than to roll up one’s sleeves to awaken your fellow patriots to the need to rescue our nation and our people from peril?

We have been thoroughly betrayed by our political elites, and therefore we need YOU to step in and replace the parasites that infect our halls of power. We need YOU to reach out and, through the ballot box, take the power away from the parasites of the political class, and place it firmly back into the hands of the People. We need YOU to be that hero. We need YOU to be that good Samaritan and step forth to rescue our people from the burning wreck left to us by the irresponsible drivers of our society.

Donate to the party. Share this content on your social media, email it to friends, print it out and attach it to the leg of a carrier pigeon if you have to. Help us spread the message and donate however much you can spare to help fund our campaign against the blight on our civilization. If you don’t do it, who will?

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