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Republican Endorsement of Constitution Party Candidates Brings Abortion Center Stage in 2024

Written by:  Rebecca Terrell June 3, 2024 – The New American Former U.S. Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas has endorsed Randall Terry in his bid for U.S. president. The Constitution Party chose Terry in April as its presidential nominee for the 2024 election. Pastor Stephen Broden of Dallas is Terry’s running mate

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Constitution Party Presidential Nominee Randall Terry Takes the National Debate Stage

  Free and Open Elections will conduct a National debate at FreedomFest in Las Vegas on July 12, 2024. Click here for details: So far, 7 candidates have been invited.  Randall Terry, Constitution Party presidential candidate and founder of the pro-life group, Operation Rescue, has confirmed his participation along with Chase Oliver, the Libertarian

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America is in Crisis

  America is in a Life Crisis. We no longer respect Human Life.  Whether pre-born, children, youth, civilian, or military, politicians seem hell-bent on our destruction. Time for a radical change in our thinking. Time to re-establish America’s Constitutional Republic!   View this urgent message from 2024 Presidential Candidate Randall Terry    

Randall Terry Wins the Constitution Party Nomination on the First Ballot

Selection of Pastor Stephen Broden for Vice-President Approved by Acclamation   CLICK ON THIS LINK TO WATCH THE TERRY/BRODEN ACCEPTANCE SPEECH.  IT’S AWESOME!   Randall Terry has been a ProLife Leader, Speaker, Musician and Author for 30 years. He earned a master’s degree in foreign relations and international Terrorism. His speaking ability, his knowledge of history, his candor, and passion to train

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Randall Terry for President

Randall Terry and Stephen Broden win the nomination for Constitution Party Presidential Ticket     Randall Terry won the nomination on the first ballot and his selection for Vice President of Pastor Stephen Broden was approved by acclamation.   Randall Terry is a Pro-Life Leader, Speaker, Musician and Author for 30 years. He has a master’s degree in foreign relations and international Terrorism.

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Welcome to the Constitution Party 2024 Presidential Nominating Convention and April National Committee Meeting! LIBERTY   •   INTEGRITY   •   PROPSERITY Join Consitutionists across the country as they gather to select a presidential candidate committed to re-establishing America’s Constitutional Republic. REGISTER HERE