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~ St. Louis Conference Report ~

Prepared by:  Donna Ivanovich, Assistant to the National Chairman As I prepare this report, I want to first acknowledge some of the people who worked behind the scenes and were instrumental in making the Fall 2023 National Committee Meeting and Issues Conference another most exciting, well organized and the most well attended conference in recent history: (even better than last

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Central Bank Digital Currency Resolution

WHEREAS, the, Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets, #14067, signed by Joe Biden on March 9, 2022, lays the groundwork for the introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC); WHEREAS, The Uniform Law Commission, on its website, shows a map of twenty states where measures like this are being proposed and

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America the Beautiful

Written by: Woody Kaye, Loudoun Liberty, Consent of the Governed Happy Independence Day to Constitution Party Lovers of Liberty, Knowing you’re busy with BBQ’s and outdoor activities, this Newsletter will be relatively short celebrating America’s greatness and call for all to preserve what America the Beautiful refers to as our ‘lavished precious life’. Thomas Sowell

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