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Health Care or Sick Care?

It is the Mission of the Constitution Party to require full compliance to the Constitution at every level of government, including the freedom to choose your own healthcare and reject medical mandates  “I am not in favor of government providing healthcare. It is not a constitutionally enumerated power. Neither am I in favor of the

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The Constitution of these United States

Constitutional Quiz

Test your Constitutional knowledge! [quiz] [question]1. The Congress of the United States consists of… [/question] [wrong]the House of Representatives [explanation]The Congress shall consist of the House and Senate (Art 1 §1)[/explanation] [/wrong] [wrong]the Senate [explanation]The Congress shall consist of the House and Senate (Art 1 §1)[/explanation] [/wrong] [answer]the House and Senate [/answer] [/quiz] [quiz] [question]2.

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David R. Gillie Chairman of the Constitution Party of Cache County Utah On this day, we Americans honor those who have worn the cloth of our country. On this day, I honor also the faith, courage, and citizenship of my wife, who has taught her Navy Veteran husband a thing or two about all three

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Defend the Constitution

4th Quarter 2020 Charles W. Kraut No, it’s not who you think.  If you recall the 4th Quarter 2016 issue of Wealth Creation and Preservation, the two dreadful choices then were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  I’m sure that like many Americans you think I’m going to talk about the bumbling, egotistical, incompetent Donald Trump versus

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Thanks to Your Support, MORE Big Things Are Happening!

Just last week we received word from the Hawaii Secretary of State that the Constitution Party is now officially recognized as a ballot-qualified party in that state.  This is the first time ever that the Constitution Party has achieved ballot access in Hawaii in a mid-term election. The party completed the signature drive in mid-February,

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The 2nd Amendment and Mass Shootings

The Constitution Party’s Response By Darrell Castle, February 24, 2018 I would like to start by asking, what is the greatest human achievement? Is it sending men to the moon or perhaps the great pyramids? I would answer that the greatest human achievement is bringing government under the authority of the rule of law. This

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