Executive Committee

Jim Clymer, Immediate Past Chairman

National Chairman

James N. Clymer

Jim was elected as National Chairman at the 2020 Constitution Party National Convention.   He served previously as National Chairman for three terms from 1999 to 2012. He is the senior partner in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania law firm of Clymer, Musser and Conrad. As the party’s nominee for Lt. Governor in both 1994 and 1998, his candidacy set Pennsylvania vote records for 3rd Party candidates. During his 2004 run for US Senate against Republican Arlen Specter, he received more than 200,000 votes. Jim Clymer was the vice-presidential running mate for 2012 Constitution Party presidential candidate Virgil Goode. Jim and his wife, Lois, have five adult children.

Doug Aden, National Vice-Chairman

National Vice-Chairman

Doug Aden

Doug was born and raised in Colorado where he attended Colorado State University, earning a BS in Business Administration. He is the owner of BSI-Crowd Control, LLC, and raises livestock. He was on a national televised debate when he ran for Congress in 2010. He has served three terms as County Chairman and is currently the State Chairman of American Constitution Party. He has been married to Terri for 26 years and they are the parents and educators of six children.

National Secretary

Dr. Paula Hospelhorn

Paula Hospelhorn has been with the party since the 2016 election. Paula and her husband Edwin have been actively involved with the Constitution Party of Arizona ever since.

Paula Hospelhorn served in the US Army (1982 – 1988) in the military intelligence community, four years in Germany and 2 years at NSA. She has a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security, MBA in Business Administration and Doctorate in Biblical Studies.

Paula is currently the Constitution Party of Arizona State Chairwoman and resides with her husband Edwin in Apache Junction, Arizona with their two dogs Chino and Tilly.

Gerald Kilpatrick, National Treasurer

National Treasurer

Gerald Kilpatrick

Gerald is a newer member of the Constitution Party. He and his wife became disenchanted with the two-party system and decided to join in February 2013. He and his wife have been actively involved with Colorado’s American Constitution Party ever since.

Gerald has spent his career as an accountant with Xcel Energy, the electric and gas utility serving eight mid-western and mountain states. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has a MBA from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. He also maintains a small private practice where he does accounting and tax services for small businesses, non-profits, and numerous churches.

He has been married to his wife Lynette for 20 years and they have three children. They live in rural Colorado where they maintain a hobby farm which is on the property where Lynette grew up.

Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman

Immediate Past Chairman

Frank Fluckiger

Frank was born and raised in Wyoming where he attended the University of Wyoming, earning BS and an MBA in Business Administration. He spent his entire career in corporate finance and accounting. He served as Chairman of the Constitution Party of Utah from its inception until 2012. He also served as Constitution Party Western Area Chairman from 2004 to 2012. In 1971, Frank was one of two youths chosen to represent both the state of Wyoming and the U.S. as International Farm Youth Exchange Students to Indonesia. This experience had a profound effect on his life. He has been married to Sheryl for 37 years and they are the parents of seven children and 18 grandchildren.

2020 Presidential Candidate

Don Blankenship

Don Blankenship is the immediate past nominee for President of the United States.  In his own words, this is what drove his candidacy:

To let people know how dire the American situation is and what things must be done to fix it.

We cannot survive as a country if we do not change the behavior of our government led by partisan Republicans and Democrats…

We need a THIRD WAY.

Darrell Castle

2016 Presidential Candidate

Darrell Castle

Darrell is an attorney and founder of Darrell Castle and Associates law firm of Memphis, TN.  He has held many leadership positions in the Constitution Party since attending the party’s founding national convention in 1992.  While earning his JD at University of Memphis in the 70’s, Darrell met and married his wife Joan.  The Castle’s daughter Joanna is married to Michael.

Darrell served as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and trained under then 1st Lieutenant, Oliver North.  He was stationed in the Far East for 13 months and his service in Viet Nam followed a family military tradition, with his oldest brother serving in World War II, another brother having served in the Korean War.  Darrell’s experiences during those years contributed to his strong belief that war should not be entered into capriciously and, that the decision to go to war must be made according to the U.S. Constitution which makes it clear that only Congress can declare war.

Darrell has served as a deacon and deacon chairman in his local church.  In 1998, Darrell and Joan founded Mia’s Children Foundation, a Christian mission in Bucharest, Romania which ministers to homeless gypsy children.  www.miaschildren.org

Darrell’s political activism includes:

  • Author of the Castle Report on national and international affairs  www.castlereport.us
  • 2016 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate
  • 2008 Constitution Party Vice-Presidential Candidate, running mate of Chuck Baldwin.
  • Board member since 2005 of the Conservative Caucus, founded by Howard Phillips
  • Three terms as the Vice-Chairman of the National Committee of the Constitution Party
  • Two terms as the Platform Chairman of the National Convention of the Constitution Party
  • Two terms as the Constitution Party of Tennessee State Chairman

Eastern States Regional Chairman

Dave Kopacz

David P. Kopacz Sr. is a life long resident of western Massachusetts where he currently lives with his wife Cynthia and further blessed with two sons and three step-children. Dave holds a degree in Environmental Science Technology with a specialty in wetland systems and bio-remediation. His professional training and acquired skills helped to maximize his effectiveness as he dedicated over two decades of Public Service to area municipalities.

However, Dave is best known for his activism, persistence, and longevity. He is a two time duly elected Delegate to the Nation Convention, popular public speaker, and hosts the Annual Flag Day Second Amendment Rally which has quickly become the largest 2A event in Massachusetts. He and Cynthia, also host of Red Pill Politics show, which started in 2009 on local FM radio and still broadcasts to this day on a variety of modern platforms. Dave was also featured in two recent documentaries called “Good Guys With Guns” and “Unsustainable” which chronicles the incremental institutionalizing of UN Agenda 21 (2030) into domestic policy.

As the Eastern Regional Chairman of the Constitution Party, Dave is a outstanding team-builder with a unwavering commitment to the principles of the Party and the Constitution. Dave’s track record for identifying and harnessing the specific skill-sets of activists and peers will surely fortify his efforts and focus on early organizing and youth outreach within the region. Additionally, his direct experience with local government makes him a primary resource for strengthening our local base and building from the ground up.

Mid-Western States Regional Chairman

John Blazek

John has been a self employed computer programming consultant since 1984. His client list includes a number of fortune 500 companies in the beverage and medical industries, as well as local businesses in the St Louis area.

John, and his wife Jeanetta, joined the Constitution Party of Missouri in 2016 after attending the CPMO state convention as guests. They immediately joined the Castle-Bradley presidential campaign team. They have both been instrumental at the national level by taking over the responsibilities for audio and video at the national committee meetings.

John is also a member of the CP of Missouri state Executive Committee and became a National Committeeman for Missouri in 2017.

In 2019, John ran for city council and came in 2nd of 3, by only 89 votes.

In May, 2020, John was elected as the Midwestern States Regional Chairman.

Mid-Western States Regional Co-Chairman

Bill Mohr

William (Bill) Mohr was born in 1959 and raised in Byron Center, Michigan. He was one of six children, three sisters and two brothers. He is married to Cheryl and is a father to six children, four step children and 18 grandchildren.

Bill has worked at a number of jobs over the years including over-the-road truck driving and managing a food production plant. For the recent 10 years Bill has been self employed in the housing industry.

Bill spent six years as a Precinct Delegate with the Republican Party, but switched his affiliation to the Constitution Party in 2005. For eight of the last ten years, he has Chaired the State Central Committee of the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan (Michigan’s affiliate of the Constitution Party), and the party has experienced solid and consistent growth under his leadership.

Most recently, Bill was the 2020 Constitution Party candidate for Vice-President of the United States.  His campaign statement continues to ring true:

“These are very uncertain times in our nation.”

“The American people have been perplexed with very poor governance; unconstitutional law, regulation and actions by every level of government. They are finding themselves powerless to get it corrected. Tea Parties have come and gone, leaving a few fragmented groups around the country. Political action organizations abound, but don’t seem to be able to get the foothold needed to make the changes necessary.”

“The answer to good governance simply lies solely in the election of good candidates. It is not a team sport. I plead with my peers, the American people, to leave the party politics in the past and vote for candidates that are worthy; candidates who understand the obligation they have to legislate within the confines of the Constitution.”

Janine Hansen, Western States Regional Chairman

Western States Regional Chairman

Janine Hansen

Janine Hansen

186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, Nevada 89801

775-397-6859, Janine [at] janinehansen [dot] com


Janine Hansen Biographical and Professional Information


  • Married, mother of four children, two of whom were homeschooled. Grandmother of sixteen.
  • Native Nevadan born and raised in Sparks. Moved to Elko in 2005.
  • Graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Relations from Brigham Young University in 1976.
  • Raises heritage turkeys, chickens and gardens.
  • Named “Conservative of the Year for 2010 in Nevada” by Citizen Outreach.
  • Citizen advocate at the Nevada Legislature 1971-2021 and since 1991 a full-time volunteer citizen lobbyist for Nevada Families/Eagle Forum and the Independent American Party.
  • State President of Nevada Families for Freedom the State Affiliate of Eagle Forum. Editor Nevada Families/Eagle Forum monthly newsletter since 1974.
  • State Chairman Independent American Party of Nevada, formerly Executive Director and National Committeeman.
  • Founder, Publisher and Editor of the Nevada Families Voter Guide published every general election between 1988 and 2014.
  • Constitutional Issues Chairman for national Eagle Forum.
  • Instrumental in defeating the state applications for a New Constitutional Convention under Article V and the defeat of the related Conference of the States, currently coordinating Eagle Forum’s national efforts to defeat an Article V Constitutional Convention including the Convention of the States and National Popular Vote.
  • Northern Nevada Director Nevadans for Sound Government (Axe the Tax) sponsoring referendum to repeal the $836 million tax increase and an initiative to prohibit government employees from serving in elected office 2004.
  • Organizational member of the Nevada Campaign to Defeat the USA PATRIOT ACT.
  • Executive Director of the Nevada Committee for Full Statehood which is working to restore jurisdiction over Nevada’s lands to Nevada and implementing the principles of the Tenth Amendment since 2000.
  • Initiative Petition Chairman for 16 of Nevada’s 17 Counties for the successful Coalition for the Protection of Marriage to keep marriage between and man and a woman, 2000.
  • 1996, 2004, 2008 National Ballot Access Coordinator of the Constitution Party. Served as National Treasurer and currently serves as Western States Co-Chairman.
  • State Chairman of the Choose Life Campaign 1990 to stop a ballot question, which locked abortion into the Nevada Constitution. First testified opposing abortion in the Nevada Legislature in 1971.
  • Co-Chairman of the Choose Life Coalition, which has sponsored a full-page pro-life ad with 400 sponsors in the Nevada Gazette Journal, Reno News & Review, Elko Daily Free Press for 32 years and previously organizer of the annual Choose Life Rally & Life Chain in Reno for 20 years.
  • Host of the radio talk show the Constitution and you during the 1987 Constitution Bicentennial.
  • Pro-family elected delegate and Pro-family Caucus Chairman to the National Conference on Families in 1980 in Los Angeles.
  • Chairman Pro-Family Coalition, which achieved a 68% victory, defeating the ERA on the Nevada statewide ballot in 1978.
  • Nevada Chairman STOP E.R.A. 1974-1978.
  • Member of ABATE of Northern Nevada (A Brotherhood Aimed at Education) motor cycle organization working to protect liberty.

Western States Regional Co-Chairman

Kirk Pearson

Kirk was born and raised in the Salt Lake City valley of Utah. Married Jill 33 years ago and we have three children and 3 grandchildren. I have run my own construction business since 1985,building custom homes and small commercial projects. After seeing the amount of taxes I had to pay for all my employees I became frustrated and was taught by my CPA about the Constitution. I got involved in the Republican party in hopes to help get us back on track. After 16 years as a Republican delegate, I left and joined the Constitution Party in 2002. I have run for US Congress, Utah State Governor, State House, and State Senate several times. I have served as County Chairman, State Chairman, Vice Chairman, and now as Western States Co-Chairman.

Southern States Region Chairman

Thom Holmes

Thom Holmes has served on the National Executive Committee for a combined 19 years, plus has held state party leadership positions in Oklahoma and Texas for 24 years. He chaired the 1999 committee that resulted in changing the party name to the Constitution Party. After earning an engineering degree from University of Oklahoma, he began his 42 year oil industry career.

Susan, his high school sweetheart and wife of 40 years, was named the 1993 Oklahoma Full-Time Homemaker of the Year by Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum. Susan and Thom were recruited to the Constitution Party in 1996 by Tulsa Eagle Forum leader, Joann Johnson, the sister of United States Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK).

The Holmes couple, along with Daniel New, led the successful 1996 Texas ballot access petition drive of 72,000 signatures, which were collected in a 6-week effort.

Thom and Susan have 3 children, 2 grandchildren and have been a pioneering homeschool family since 1988. The Holmes family lives on his great-grandfather’s Centennial Family Farm in central Oklahoma.

Member At Large

Cindy Redburn

Cindy is the immediate past National Secretary of the Constitution Party.  She is a charter member of the Missouri Constitution Party and ran for Congress in 2008 as a Constitution Party candidate. She is a retired teacher who is interested in history, nature, and gardening. Cindy has been married to Alan Redburn for 33 years. They are the parents of six children, and have eight grandchildren.

Member At Large

Justin Magill

Mr. Magill was born and raised in Northwest Pennsylvania. He spent three years in the U.S. Army before returning to Pennsylvania to attend Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He served two years in the Army Reserves during his time at Edinboro University. After graduating with a B.A. in Criminal Justice, with minors in Political Science and Psychology, he went on to earn a Juris Doctor from Rodger Williams School of Law and a Masters in Criminal Justice: Public Administration from Liberty University.

Justin and his wife Shari have been members of the Constitution Party for several years, having found the party to be one committed to the Constitution and the Principles of Liberty. Mr. Magill is now the Vice-Chairman and the NW Regional Chairman for the Constitution Party of Pennsylvania.