Introduction to a Reformed Millennial

A Message From Your Digital Paul Revere

Several members of the Constitution Party’s mailing list have expressed curiosity as to who I am. It’s a fair question, and so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my experiences, and why I am writing for the Constitution Party. I strongly encourage all patriots to set aside a few minutes to read all the way to the end. I understand that it is a lot of writing to take in in one go, but I believe firmly that it is to your benefit, and to the benefit of the nation.

I am an American millennial who, over the past several years, has discovered his calling to the Constitution. Recently, I have been writing on a volunteer basis for the party as a way of providing a Millennial’s perspective on the present state of the Western World. Several months ago, upon my return to the United States after spending more than a decade under socialist oppression in China, I reached out to Frank Fluckiger to get involved. I became a member of the Constitution Party. I became a Constitutionist.

I am writing to you because I have witnessed firsthand the absolute horror of socialism. These essays are not newsletters. They aren’t meant to bring you recent Party news. They are long-form commentaries on current events happening in our country. They are viewpoints, seen through the lens of a Millennial American who has lived for a significant length of time under a true socialist dictatorship: China. These essays are meant as an olive branch to young Americans, frustrated by the perversion of the political process today, alienated by the major political parties, crushed under unimaginable debt with little hope of ever having the means to repay it, and “politically homeless”. They are also meant to give older generations of Americans a glimpse into the future that awaits your children and grandchildren, should you fail to act now.

In these essays, I hope to provide a point of view that will help fellow American patriots see the danger that our nation is in and call to action all who wish to see the situation improve. I can tell you with absolute conviction that many Americans do not know the extent to which socialism has corrupted our systems and institutions. I didn’t know either. It is only after having lived under true socialism that I can see the telltale signs of its growing influence on our country.

In our day and age, the US is under the very real threat of being taken over by socialists who desire to tear down our way of life and replace it with a system of governance and economics that has been tried, and failed, numerous times, and to the tune of a hundred million civilian deaths since around 1917. For the reasons of debt, little hope for meaningful employment, and political homelessness, many young Americans are beginning to turn to socialism. We can see its growing influence in the recent election of open socialists to Congress. I am writing to you as an American youth who wishes to sound the alarm to this danger and to call fellow patriots to the defense of our society. If it helps, you can think of me as a Digital Paul Revere. Only, instead of warning that the British are coming, I am warning that the Red Terror is coming. I make this call for the defense of our way of life. If we don’t act to defend our civilization, then by the time my generation reaches retirement age, our way of life will be dead and buried. And that is not an exaggeration. History marches ever onward, and it doesn’t care about our feelings. It only cares about our actions, and that is because it is our actions that create history. If we don’t act, then others will, and they will not act in our best interest.

Radical socialists own and control most of the high-tech companies that we use to get information: News outlets, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Their brand of socialism is called “Progressive Intersectionality”. That means the intersection of the interests between various self-described “protected victim groups” based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and their united resistance to those whom they view as being the oppressors. In their eyes, that means Western conservatives. This is a modern take on the original socialist ideology, which was based on economic classes rather than racial groups and social classes. This is well known to a large portion of American youth, but perhaps not so well known to older generations who did not grow up as “Internet Natives”.

These days, our lives are online. Our communications are online, our banking is online, we even get our television streamed through the internet. Everything we say and do is extensively monitored and tracked. With their extensive control over how we share and consume information, they can simply erase our history and replace it with whatever they choose to. They already do. We can see this in the ways that Google uses AI and computer algorithms to manipulate search results on its search engine and on YouTube to favor far-left organizations and people while demonizing centrist and conservative opinions. The reason they do this is because centrist and conservative Americans tend to favor small government, with a heavy emphasis on individual liberty, while the further Left you go, the more you are generally in favor of expansive and invasive government control.

I have seen firsthand the results of these exact policies that are being enacted as you read these words. The censorship that China employs to control the thoughts and actions of its citizens are now being employed here by big tech companies and the mainstream media. The big tech companies even produce software for the Chinese Communist Party to better monitor and track its citizens. Artificial Intelligence platforms, intelligent closed-circuit security camera systems, software embedded in everything ranging from televisions to mobile phones to listen to and record video and conversations. It’s for this reason that I write under a pen name. Using my real identity to share these points of view puts my friends and colleagues under serious threat of reprisal by the Chinese government, both in China through its state security apparatus, as well as here in the US through their use of embassy officials with diplomatic immunity from prosecution. All of this is real, and the information is out there should you take it upon yourself to find it.

The extent to which China has reverted back to hardcore communism and what that means in practice is beyond the average American’s ability to fully realize. Our Constitution protects us from the vast majority of State persecution. Theirs does not. The horrors that have been unleashed upon the Chinese people, in addition to seeing those very same seeds begin to sprout here in the US are what prompted me to return. It simply must not be allowed to happen here. Many people do not understand that communism and socialism are two sides of the same coin. So when you hear people like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez talk about “democratic socialism”, understand that it functionally means the exact same thing as “communism”. As Karl Marx, the father of socialism once said; “Democracy is the road to socialism.” That is why we are NOT a democracy. We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. The Founding Fathers knew what democracy inevitably leads to, and they gave us the tools to resist it.

All throughout my education, my classmates and I had teachers who subverted our sense of patriotism. Some of my earliest memories of elementary school, up through high school and college were teachers dissuading students from expressions of patriotism, and encouraging students to cultivate a disdain for our way of life and our history. I have spent time volunteering in American schools since coming back, and I can tell you most assuredly that the program of indoctrination has expanded greatly since I left. After spending so much time in China, I can tell you that these are the exact same tactics used by the Communist Party to exercise thought control and political indoctrination over students there.

One of the main goals of the Communist Party since its inception has been to erase traditional Chinese culture by burning down traditional places of worship, smashing statues of historical figures, making observance of traditional customs and festivals illegal, and replacing them with images and activities approved by the CCP. We see this same thing happening among schools in the US. Just think about how public schools increasingly disallow observance of Christmas customs in the US, how university students tear down statues because they are “symbols of hate” due to their connection to our history. In Revolutionary China, it was the students, indoctrinated by socialist teachers, who perpetrated these acts throughout the mid-twentieth century, just as it is in the US now.

I was taught that Americans are racist, intolerant, religious zealots, incapable of critical thought, and not deserving of the land that we had “stolen” from noble Native Americans. I was never taught that the conquest that won this land for our nation was common among nations of the world at the time (including among Native American tribes). I was taught that the US government is akin to the Fourth Reich. A proto-fascist, Nazi State, and that if I supported the country with patriotism, then that would make me a Nazi as well. I was ridiculed for the American flag pin on my backpack in middle school by students and teachers alike. You can see this echoed in the national media, now, as people of my generation begin to take positions of influence and power. What they didn’t teach us is that Nazi is shorthand for “NationalsoZialistische”, National Socialist. It wouldn’t make them look so good if people knew that Nazism is, in fact, a socialist ideology. Look it up.

All around me, friends, classmates, and acquaintances believed the same thing. It didn’t matter which social circles one was in. To be a patriot was equal to being a Nazi, except for the very most conservative of the Christian students. They were viewed as the enemy by those indoctrinated. That was how we were taught to think. Now, hardly a day goes by without some indoctrinated Millennial or Generation Xer publishing an article or running a “news” segment in which they proclaim that this person or that group are “fascists”, “right-wing extremists”, or “hate groups”. This is becoming so common because my generation was educated to believe this to be the case, now they are old enough to be taking positions of influence within companies and news outlets across the country. When I came back to the US to visit friends, I was shocked to see that they never grew out of their indoctrination, but that it had grown within them.

When President Trump talks about the China threat, he is not exaggerating. He is not simply using China as a boogeyman to scare Americans with. If anything, he understates the threat that emanates from China. It has its fingers in American economic and academic pies all across the country, and it’s using this influence to foster a socialist revolution in the US. It uses the breakdown of American Civic awareness and division within American society and government to further its own agendas. Members of both of the major political parties take a variety of payouts from China, even without realizing it. And this has tainted them beyond redemption.

I chose to reach out to the Constitution Party because it seemed to be the only political party in the US that seeks to reestablish the Constitution to its place of primacy in our society. The Democrats hate the Constitution for the restrictions it places on government authority and the power it places in the hands of everyday Americans to resist tyranny, and the Republicans pay lip-service to the Constitution in public, while passing legislation to undermine it in private. Think “Patriot Act”, and you may get the picture.

Just remember: How goes the United States, so goes the whole world. If the United States falters, the world falls with it, and who do you think will be there to pick up the pieces? We just celebrated the end of World War 1 recently, and we would do well to understand the nightmare that the world would enter if the world fell into chaos, manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party, would far exceed either of the world wars both in terms of geographic scope, and destruction.

We must ALL do our parts to ensure that the US returns to a Constitutional form of governance. I am doing my party by bringing a patriotic Millennial’s perspective to the table, in order that other American youths be turned on to the Constitution Party. You, fellow patriots, can do your part by donating what you can do the cause that we all benefit from, and by spreading this message far and wide. The greatest thing any average American can do right now is to WAKE UP as many sleeping patriots as possible before our opportunity passes us by, and we are trapped asleep, in the nightmare from which there is no waking.

If we don’t, then the future is lost for your children, their children, and their children. That’s a simple, but inconvenient truth.


Digital Paul Revere


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