Venezuelan Invasion Threatens the USA

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At this point, it should be as plain as day that the situation shaping up in Venezuela is America’s version of the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe (Islamic invasion of Europe). Europe has endured wave after wave of “refugees” crossing the Mediterranean or walking through the Middle East and Eastern Europe to reach the welfare states of Western Europe. Thanks to the structure of the EU, once these “refugees” were able to enter the EU at any point, they were able to move freely through the block.

Now millions upon millions of them are settled all across Europe. No-go zones are increasing in both number and size. Grooming gangs, gangs whose purpose is to recruit local girls into forced prostitution, are being uncovered, and local police and other authorities are frequently accused of knowing about it and turning a blind eye “for fear of being called racist.” All of this started with the US’ destabilizing actions in the Middle East. It continues to happen because mentally ill leftist activists and traitorous “conservatives” do everything they can to facilitate it. Much of this should sound familiar.

At this moment, much of South and Central America is on the edge of catastrophe. Already, our borders are under constant assault by increasingly massive and aggressive “caravans” of “refugees.” They flee failed states south of the border, including Mexico, but when they come, they bring with them the lifestyles and ways of thinking that contributed to the failure of their nations. The culture they bring with them is damaging to the fabric of the US. The Cultural Marxists of the radical left and the corporate globalists of both parties love this.

The leftists like the importation of a class of easily controlled people who have little to no understanding of our history, rights, or values. These “migrants” have been shown to vote mainly along racial lines, and typically vote for candidates that promise more protections for illegal aliens and more welfare benefits for them. The globalist Republicans like them, because they provide cheap, easily manipulated workers.

These groups have used universities, federally funded public schools, and corporate “anti-discrimination” policies to successfully brainwash multiple generations of Americans into believing that open borders are virtuous and that the US is nothing more than a fascist, failed facsimile of its former self, and therefore, not worth saving. We see the culmination of all of their efforts, endless protests by leftist radicals both young and old, students ostracized by both teachers and fellow students for wrong think, people fired from their jobs for being accused of racism or “white supremacy, and banks canceling the accounts of common people for expressing political opposition to radical leftist ideology.

The stage is now set for the globalists and cultural Marxists to take advantage of the situation in Venezuela to trigger the next migrant crisis. Think the EU migrant crisis, only exchange Muslims for South and Central Americans as the “refugees,” and replace Islam with Cultural Marxism as the driving ideology. Venezuela is, for all intents and purposes, in a state of civil war. Once the real violence begins in Venezuela and the surrounding areas, the number of “refugees” traveling north will swell, and our border will be utterly swamped.

Many people who live in Small-Town America have yet to experience the horror of Cultural Marxism, but it is seeping in. As long as they have control of the academic institutions, financial institutions, and social media, their corrosive ideology will continue to spread until the breaking point. Large numbers of radical leftist now serve in Congress. The latest studies depicting the spread of Americans across the political spectrum show that conservatives are coalescing around a shared set of values that are more or less center-right, while people on the left are spreading further and further towards the radical left. The further left they spread, the deeper into Cultural Marxism they get, and likewise the more authoritarian. That’s why they call us “far right.” They have moved so far to the left, that it looks like everyone else is shifting to the right. Their control of the above-mentioned institutions means that they have a continuing means of circumventing the constitution.

They are trying to introduce a form of techno-fascism to the US. They understand that the government can’t censor our speech, can’t restrict our participation in financial transactions, or discriminate against us based on race or ideology. But they also understand that they, as private institutions, can. They use this power to promote a message of open borders. If you disagree with it, or any of their other positions, then you are refused access to any or all of these services.

The EU has fallen to a form of this techno-fascism. People all across the EU are being arrested for sending anti-immigration messages on Twitter. How do they define “anti-immigration”? Asking questions such as why Muslims can do things, but citizens cannot — disagreeing with paying taxes that go into a welfare system that benefits illegal aliens over citizens — or raising awareness about violence and crime. And recently, the EU has passed internet censorship legislation that imposes taxes for people to exercise their right to free speech.

If we don’t assert our sovereignty and our rights as Americans, expel the tens of millions of illegals already here and repel the invasion of our southern border, then the corrosive acid of Cultural Marxism will eat our civilization away entirely the same way it is in the EU. Many of our most beautiful cities, such as San Francisco, have already fallen victim to Cultural Marxism, and they now resemble third-world countries. We have to push back, and we have to do it NOW. The time is NOW.

The good news is that there are two weapons available to citizens of the US with which to fight back. The first is social media. The second is the ability to run for office and vote. We still can speak, and now is the time to do so. For the first time, our society is beginning to ask the question of why we don’t have the same rights online as we have in the real world. To older generations, the internet may seem like a triviality. But to younger people, the internet is an indispensable and critical component of daily life. All aspects of life for younger people are online. If we all speak up at the same time, they can’t censor us all. As artificial intelligence technology grows, though, there will soon come a time when they WILL be able to silence us all.

We, as citizens, can run for ANY office, and we can sue the government to change any aspect of the law that we want. That is one of the things that makes us unique in the world. Fundamentally, our nation is designed to give as much power to the people as possible. The problem is that We the People have become lazy and entitled. We expect to be taken care of and have been manipulated not to notice that the people that we trusted to take care of us, while we went on autopilot, are abusing and taking advantage of us. We have but to wake up, realize that the power of government is only an illusion and that real power is in OUR hands. The system is as broken as it is because we allowed it to be. But we can reach out, take control, and set things straight — now is the time to do it.

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