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Why Should YOU Elect Constitution Party Candidates? The outrageous FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago Monday evening indicates our justice system is broken, and the federal government is corrupt. The IRS has hired 87,000 agents to police innocent American citizens.  Taxes are being raised during a recession.  Moms and dads are being declared terrorists for showing up

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Health Care or Sick Care?

It is the Mission of the Constitution Party to require full compliance to the Constitution at every level of government, including the freedom to choose your own healthcare and reject medical mandates  “I am not in favor of government providing healthcare. It is not a constitutionally enumerated power. Neither am I in favor of the

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The Death of Roe – Could it be Coming?

Dear Friends of the Constitution Party, Do you know that every plank in the Constitution Party Platform is listed in alphabetical order? ……EXCEPT the first one, “Sanctity of Life”! After all these years, the Supreme Court just might overturn this horrendous landmark decision of allowing the slaughter of children in the womb and return it to

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Don’t Be An Armchair Patriot!

~ Read. Know. Share. Pray. Fight. ~ Dear Constitution Party Lovers of Liberty, If you are reading this Newsletter, then you feel strongly enough about the future of our country to seek out the only political party in America that is committed to restoring constitutional limits to our nation. Primary election dates and candidate filing

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The Worst Thing That Has Happened to Humanity

Darrell Castle talks about how fear of the pandemic is being used by various people around this world to dismantle democracy, obliterate constitutional rights, and usher in totalitarian governments. [Photo of Anthony Fauci – attribution:] —    — Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 10th day of December

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