~ St. Louis Conference Report ~

See Video Highlights From The Fall 2023 National Committee Meeting

Prepared by:  Donna Ivanovich, Assistant to the National Chairman

As I prepare this report, I want to first acknowledge some of the people who worked behind the scenes and were instrumental in making the Fall 2023 National Committee Meeting and Issues Conference another most exciting, well organized and the most well attended conference in recent history: (even better than last April).

Alan Redburn (MO) RegistrationBecky Hatch (UT) Silent AuctionDonna Brandenburg (MI) Video RecordingsKyle Maas (MI) Audio/Visual Cindy Redburn (MO) Social MediaReed Miller (UT) TimekeeperJanine Hansen (NV) Song LeaderMary Sears (MI) Media ResearchThom Holmes (OK) Roaming Photographer, Silent Auction, Song Leader, Comedian and a Breath of fresh air!

CP members, supporters and friends packed the Embassy Suites Ballroom for General Michael Flynn’s presentation – more than what the hotel and I even anticipated!  Additional tables and chairs were brought in!  And the candlelight dinner was stunning!

22 states were represented in total, while 17 of our affiliated states were represented at the National Committee Meeting on Friday.

Attending these twice yearly conferences is such a fantastic way to get personally acquainted with the many leaders all over the country.  We can help one another grow our state parties, compare notes and build face-to-face relationships with many new friends.

I have personally received a ton of positive feedback from many people.  Thank you all for making the effort and the sacrifice to attend!  Your support of the National Committee is greatly appreciated.

Hope you enjoy some photos of this AWESOME event.

Cindy Redburn (MO) National Secretary and Jim Clymer (PA) National Chairman opening the meeting with the Roll Call of the States.

General Michael Flynn addressed a packed room of Constitution Party members, supporters and friends. (BTW: his favorite Book in the Bible is Isaiah) You can see his videotaped presentation on the Constitution Party FaceBook page.  We have also posted the link here to the Tucker Carlson piece that was intended to play as the intro to the intro by special guest speaker, Joe Miller (AK), but both our projector and the backup projector, unfortunately, refused to play it.  CLICK HERE FOR TUCKER’S TALK ON GEN FLYNN

General Flynn autographed his book, “The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare”.  If you would like to receive his Newsletter:  CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO GENERAL FLYNN’S NEWSLETTER

Lunch with General Flynn: (clockwise) Jim & Lois Clymer (National Chairman from PA), Joe Miller (AK), Frank Fluckiger (UT) (good shot of Frank’s back),then my back too, and special guest, Ann Dorn (MO). Ann is the widow of slain St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn murdered by BLM during the riots in 2020.






One of our amazing guest speakers, Joe Miller from Alaska, spoke Friday evening about his personal experience with voter fraud when he defeated incumbent Lisa Murkowski in 2010. He graduated from West Point in the top 1% and was the youngest at the time serving State Magistrate, then appointed as the youngest U.S. Magistrate Judge.

Newly appointed National Committee Member, Gregory Fisher (SC) with Executive Committee Member and State Chairman, Janine Hansen (NV)





Donna Ivanovich with Kirk Launius, the Founder and Director of Texans for Constitutional Sheriffs.  His 2012 and 2016 candidacy for Dallas County Sheriff was endorsed by “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, Joe Arpaio, and Sheriff Richard Mack.







PA State Chairman Bob Goodrich and National Committee Members, Justin & Shari Magill (PA)






Crazy Thom (Jett) Holmes (OK) Executive Committee Member and State Chairman clowning around as the CP version of PA Senator John Fetterman with National Chairman, Jim Clymer (PA)






 General Flynn surrounded by “Show-Me State” friends of the CP, Nick Ivanovich, Christine Estes and Larry Dawson.


Kirk Launius (TX), Carlos Lopez, CPTX State Contact working to re-organize the Lone Star State, Donna Brandenburg (MI) Vice Chairman and John Ferguson (KS), one of our guest speakers and former U.S. Marine Reconnaissance scout swimmer and head of a cutting-edge drone technology company.  (aka “The Four Entrepreneur Extraordinares”)






Donna with General Flynn. I want to see his new movie that contrasts Globalism vs. Americanism through psychological operations, Into the Light”

Go to: www.intothelight.movie

Thom (Jett) Holmes (OK) reading the “Tribute to the Non-Vaccinated” written by French General  Christian Blanchon


Jerry Kilpatrick (FL) National Treasurer presenting his report and the Budget.  It takes a really special person to keep track of the numbers.  Thanks, Jerry!



(R) Cindy Redburn (MO) National Secretary and Jim Clymer (PA) National Chairman recruiting one of our many MO guests, Tony Monetti, to sign a petition to hep regain ballot access.

“Rendezvous of the Miller Brothers”.  Reed & Glen (UT-NCMs) with Ralph (VT).  Glen writes our amazing Victory Report for Howard Phillips Legacy Society (HPLS) donors.  Check it out by: CLICKING HERE




Wayne (Zimmy) Zimmerschied (MN), Parliamentarian and Credentials Chairman explaining criteria required for states to affiliate.  (Yes, he’s in an ankle boot seen doing wheelies on his scooter!)


 A BIG congratulations to ALASKA for receiving a unanimous vote of the National Committee to be an officially affiliated state!







Executive and National Committee Members, Darrell and Joan Castle (TN) in serious conversation with General Flynn 



Colin Sorhus (MO) David Cantrell (TX) and Carlos Lopez (TX)







Ricardo Davis (GA) State Chairman with Doug Aden (behind Teri Aden) (CO) National Vice-Chairman and State Chairman


My name is Barr….. James Barr (PA) National Committee Member






In Conclusion: For your listening pleasure, here is a list of links to some really rockin’ video/tunes that we were unable to play at the conference. Some feature Drs. Robert Malone and Peter McCullough, America’s Frontline Doctors and the Freedom Convoy.

“God Over Government”, Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy:CLICK HERE FOR GOD OVER GOVERNMENT  

“Faith Over Fear”, Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy, with Dr. Malone at opening:CLICK HERE FOR FAITH OVER FEAR

“Rich Men North of Richmond”, by Oliver Anthony:CLICK HERE FOR RICH MEN NORTH OF RICHMOND

“These Are My People”, by Johnny Cash:CLICK HERE FOR THESE ARE MY PEOPLE


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