Message From the Chairman

Your Newsletter!

30 May 2014

by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman 


I don’t usually put exclamation points in my correspondence like I did in the subject line, but the party’s May newsletter is exciting and informative … it deserves much more than a simple announcement that a new issue is attached.

We had 55 Constitution Party candidates in March, and now, just 60 days later, we’ve more than doubled that field: 121 men and women carrying our party’s flag into the political arena. Find out where those candidates are and please get involved.

We’ve highlighted three Constitution Party candidates — there will be more campaigns that we will emphasize as key to our growth and impact.

Ballot access is fundamental to our success, and there is progress to report on that front too. However, I must remind you that our National Finance Committee has challenged us to raise $3100 toward immediate ballot access needs. More than 20 percent of that goal was met within 24 hours … however, we still need to close that campaign.

That’s why, right now while you’re thinking about it, I urge you to send a gift of $20, $25, or even $50 or more. It will be put to good use … there are 159 days left until voters go to the polls.

P.S. In the May newsletter, Cynthia Davis, a former four-term Missouri State Representative and 2012 Constitution Party candidate for Lt. Governor of Missouri, has an interesting piece that carries the tongue-in-cheek title, “Social Issues for Dummies.” It is a good reminder what sets us apart from the establishment candidates. Please note that Cynthia, who hosts the HOME FRONT radio podcast found on our webpage, is going on the road, taking her message of how social issues are best used in Constitution Party campaigns and in recruiting new members to our party. Cynthia is one good reason why your investment in the Constitution Party is so important. Please be generous.