Message From the Chairman

Congratulations — You Did It!

11 June 2014
by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman
ElectionCentral2014profileimage The Constitution Party of Wisconsin is now officially on the ballot, and has two statewide candidates running. If just one contender receives a minimum of one percent of the vote, we remain on the ballot for the all-important 2016 presidential campaign.

Ballot access simply means the opportunity for the Constitution Party to present our ideas in the political marketplace: our party is 100% pro-life … our party rejects entangling foreign commitments … our party is in favor of a gold/silver-backed currency … our party supports home schooling and opposes the Washington-imposed Common Core curriculum.

There are thousands, tens of thousands, of patriots who want to hear about those positions — and they are eager to support candidates who understand the defend the Constitution. Because of your help, now we can offer our platform and candidates to voters in Wisconsin.
A short time ago our Finance Committee set a goal of $3100 to invest in immediate ballot access efforts. Wisconsin is an example of why your financial commitment is so important.
If you go to the Constitution Party website, there is now a link to the growing number of Constitution Party candidates. Please see if there is a campaign you can join, contribute to, or recommend to a fellow patriot.
And while you are visiting our website, take a moment to invest — or re-invest — in this exciting but crucial time in Constitution Party history. A gift of $25, $50, $100, or even $15 or $20 is so very important as we are moving ahead quickly.
This would be an excellent time to join the Howard Phillips Legacy Society — a monthly donation of $20, $30, or just $12 helps provide the essential financial stability our party must have to grow. We thank all members with gift premiums, including a subscription to the members-only THE VICTORY REPORT.
Again my thanks for a job well done. Even if you were not on the street somewhere in Wisconsin gathering names on ballot petition drive, your financial help was so important to this victory. May I ask that you help us win another?
P.S. There are just 147 days left before voters go to the polls.