Message From the Chairman

High Priority Message

21 May 2014
by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman
Frank 1
Below is an urgent message I just received from our National Finance Committee that outlines the opportunities — and challenges — we face. I was asked to relay their concerns, but their message is urgent and clear enough. I think you should read it as originally written.There are 171 days between now and Election Day. Your past generosity has taken taken us thus far, and I trust you will take the situation seriously.

MEMO FROM: National Finance Committee

In reviewing our income to date and making projections for the party’s needs in this crucial election year, we must emphasize that May and June are the most critical months in 2014.

First, there is good news: the political atmosphere is better than ever for our party. According to a Gallup poll released just yesterday, the Democrats’ have a 50% unfavorable raring — the fifth consecutive poll, dating to June 2013, in which Americans have viewed Democrats more unfavorably than favorably. Prior to Obama’s presidency, the Democratic Party had nearly always been viewed more positively than negatively. The GOP has a 59% unfavorable rating, and this score has been negative since April 2011.

With the good news comes an important and immediate challenge: ballot access drives are going on from Alabama to Alaska, and more are yet to come. We must raise $3,100 for this effort in the next 30 days.

Looking down the road just a little further, and we come to Summer — a time for family vacations etc., but a traditionally slow period for financial support. We must anticipate that by raising more before July 1st so we don’t get caught short and have to cut back on party building plans.

We must ask you to challenge our supporters:

1. We need 90 friends to contribute $15 each, 50 Constitution Party supporters to give $20, and 30 patriots to donate $25.  If those 170 party stalwarts do their part, we can move ahead quickly.

2. The day to day business of the party relies heavily on a fixed income, and that comes from Constitution Party supporters who contribute monthly. Our Howard Phillips Legacy Society, just a few months old, has brought in thousands of dollars from those who contribute $20, $30, $50 or even $12 a month. Please urge our friends to join.

As the Gallup organization reported, “The fact that the public does not see either party positively suggests both parties will likely face some difficulties in convincing voters to give them their support this November.”

With both major parties showing such negatives, think of the opportunity this gives us. Please encourage our people with this good news and impress upon them that the $3100 goal must be met or we may have to take a step back in this crucial election year.

Jim Clymer,

Virgil Goode,

Peter Gemma