Message From the Chairman

What We Have Learned

by Frank Fluckiger
 – 3 November 2014 – 

No matter what happens tomorrow, the Constitution Party has learned some important lessons.

Governing magazine has just featured an analysis of state house races. The article notes that, “When Governing last rated the nation’s legislative chambers in June, there were fewer competitive chambers than at any time since at least 2002.”

Our best chance to bring our party’s platform into play — and even win elections — is at the local level. Constitution Party candidates have already won …

  • Phil Collins serves as a Libertyville Township Trustee in Illinois;
  • Rich Ryskamp, is a member of Grand Rapids Michigan Community College Board of Directors;
  • In Utah, Bryce Hamilton was elected to the Duchesne City Council, and Steven Johnson is an elected member of the Enoch City Council.

The list of Constitution party winners is longer.

The media are getting it. The Journal, published by Missouri’s Webster University, just published an article entitled “Hardships of Third Party Candidates,” and quoted a member of our Executive Committee Cindy Redburn, who is also a candidate for State Representative: “Redburn described running as a third party candidate like being in a hundred yard dash. ‘You’re invited to a hundred yard dash, but you’re really not invited, you just get involved in the hundred yard dash. The two major parties start at the starting line. Everybody else started fifty yards back.”’

The most important lesson we can take away from the 2014 election is this: no matter what the Republicans claim, they have no credible conservative candidates. While we would all like to see leftist Democrats ousted from office, will Republicans make a difference?

  • The GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia boasts that his company outsourced jobs (the heck with unemployed Americans);
  • The GOP candidate for Governor of Massachusetts was endorsed by the Boston Globe: “Baker splits from the national Republican Party on social issues such as abortion rights and same-sex marriage.”
  • Jeb Bush, the former Florida Governor, Kentucky’s Republican Governor Bill Haslam, GOP Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee enthusiastically support Common Core.

Yes, we have our work cut out for us in 2015, but I think we have many opportunities to advocate the Constitution as a yardstick for policy issues and to measure up our candidates.

As usual, my deepest thanks for all you have done this year.