Message From the Chairman


10 December 2014
by Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman
On December 6, Randy Fontenot, a registered member of the Constitution Party, defeated his Democratic opponent in the race for Chief of Police for the City of Eunice.

On November 4, Fontenot polled 40 percent in a three-way race, ahead of the second place candidate, who had only received 23 percent. That required a run-off and our Constitution Party candidate won: 59.7 percent to 40.3 percent.

Our party’s success rests on the strategy of building bridges with voters at the local level so they can see close-up how a candidate transforms our platform into common sense government. Such victories will ensure we have experienced candidates vying for higher office.

I have attached a copy of our most recent newsletter which has the encouraging news of how Constitution Party candidates fared. You should be proud that they entered the election battlefield with our banner held high.

Your continuing investments are bearing fruit. Our “Money Bomb,” which had tallied up to $12,400 just yesterday is now nearly $12,900! Thanks to you we are making progress.

If you have participated in this campaign, please know your gift is already at work. You may even want to make another investment. If you are not already on board, your contribution is needed now. Our goal is $15,000 by December 31 — just 24 days away.

I trust you are up to the challenge.

P.S. Randy Fontenot is the second elected Constitution Party official in Louisiana: party member Ronnie Broughton was re-elected to the Webster Parish (a county in other states) School Board in November. Join the “Money Bomb” now and we can report more good news.