Message From the Chairman


by Frank Fluckiger
 – 1 November 2014 –

Yes, that headline is right. You see, from time to time foreign media contact the Constitution Party for a report on its beliefs, candidates, and an overview of American politics.


Recently, Russian TV came to us looking for a story about the our principles, and the opportunities and obstacles we face as a third party. In 2012, Pew Research found RT to be the most popular news channel on YouTube, with Fox News Channel coming in second. Russian TV reaches about 644 million households in more than 100 countries, including the U.S.


I asked Peter Gemma, a member of the Constitution Party Executive Committee, to do the interview. He stressed the fact that the major parties don’t want competition and that their candidates are peas in a pod.


Now my Russian is a little rusty, but I understand the interview went well. Peter appears in several segments — the show is formatted like CNN Headline News but hops from one subject to another even faster. Peter offers Constitution Party opinions in a number of spots, including this two minute segment beginning at 2:27:54:

Russian TV Interview with Constitution Party’s Peter Gemma


We may not get many mail in ballots from Moscow, but the more practical American media coverage does have an impact. Here are some recent stories:

10/29/2014 OPPOSITION NEWS: Constitution Party Strikes Gold in Alaska with GOP Defections

10/29/2014 CATHOLICANCHOR.ORG : AK Governor Candidates’ Views on Key Social Issues

10/29/2014 DAILY JOURNAL ONLINE: Five Vying for Eight District Seat

10/28/2014 WISPOLITICS.COM: Former Calumet Co. Supervisor endorsed Jerry Broitzman

10/28/2014 MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER: Coroner, Sheriff Races on Elmore County Ballot

10/28/2014 CRAIG DAILY PRESS: State Races Provide Voters with Plenty of Choices

10/27/2014 ALASKA PUBLIC MEDIA: Conservative, Progressive Democrat, Republican Vie for House District 9

10/26/2014 THE CAP TIMES: Andrew Zuelke: A Vote for Me is a Vote for a Constitutionally Consistent Position

10/21/2014 CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY : South Dakota 2014 Statewide General Election Candidate Survey Results


All our candidates deserve the Constitution Party’s deepest thanks — for their courage, commitment, and tireless campaigning. Our prayers are with them on Election Day.  Remember, winning isn’t what matters most: getting in the game, staying on the field, and fighting with all your strength is what the Constitution Party is all about.