Message From the Chairman


by Frank Fluckiger
 – 31 October 2014 –

The “Show Me” state gives the Constitution Party the best insight on how grass roots campaigning can be effective. I’ll let the facts speak for themselves:

  • Candidate: Doug Enyart, U.S. Congress

Doug has participated in three candidate forums, spoken to Tea Party groups, and had campaign booths at no fewer than 12 events. He has also been a guest on five on-line radio shows, had four newspaper interviews, and erected five big 4’x8” signs, as well as 50 yard signs. Here is an example of the press coverage Doug has received:

Doug Enyart Interview

  • Candidate: Cindy Redburn, State Representative

There have been two news stories published about her candidacy, and a one a half page story on issues, including constitutional amendments, with Cindy and the Republican incumbent in this two-way race. Cindy’s volunteers have distributed 5,000 campaign brochures and put up 100 yard signs.

  • Candidate: Butch Page, State Representative

Butch is running a full-blown campaign with 66,000 hits on his website. Butch has done several radio interviews and has a number of radio and newspaper ads promoting his candidacy. His campaign had a booth at six county fairs and gun shows, and has more than 50 yard signs and two big 4’ x 8’ highway signs planted. Butch has distributed over 1,000 campaign brochures and gone door-to-door all over the District including every restaurant and business.

  • Candidate: Bill Gilmore, State Representative

Bill has walked in six parades with a campaign volunteer dressed in an Uncle Sam costume and on stilts making him nine feet tall — with Bill’s sign on his back. That’s made front page newspaper headlines. His campaign has run booths at gun shows and four fairs. Bill’s District is very rural, but he maps out larger towns and visits every coffee shop, restaurant, etc., and has distributed more than 1,000 campaign brochures.


I know every Constitution Party member — inside Missouri and beyond — understands the commitment necessary to get all this done. Only the most dedicated patriots have the energy and motivation to promote the Constitution through political action.

That’s our calling. I’m glad every one of our members and supporters are rising to the challenge.