Message From the Chairman

Republicans Endorse Our Candidates!

9 September 2014
by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman

Yes, you read that right, Republicans are endorsing our candidates.  With 55 days until the election, we have momentum.  The following developments are just some of the latest news:

  • County Supervisor Mark Borkowski, a Milwaukee County District Supervisor first elected in 1992 and re-elected in 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012, endorsed Constitution Party candidate Jerry Broitzman for Secretary of State.  Borkowski said that Jerry Broitzman “would make a great addition to state government.”
  • Education professional and a 2014 Republican candidate for Idaho State Superintendent of Public Education has endorsed Constitution Party’s State Senate nominee Christian Fioravanti.  He stated, “Without hesitation, Christian Fioravanti merits my strongest possible endorsement.”
  • Wyoming’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Cindy Hill, a Republican, has endorsed Constitution Party state chair Jennifer Young’s bid for Secretary of State—she describes Jennifer as “a patriot in every sense of the word.

And the caliber of our candidates continues to impress me. For example, meet Maria Rensel, the Constitution Party of Alaska‘s candidate for Lt. Governor …

Maria has been politically active since 2008 when she and her husband founded the Interior Alaska Conservative Coalition (IACC) and co-founded the Second Amendment Task Force. During her time as the Executive Director of IACC, Maria became involved with the National Center for Constitutional Studies, promoting The 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen by facilitating classes and selling copies at gun shows.

IACC was an integral part of a variety of issues pushing back against local, state and federal overreach and expansion of powers not granted in the Constitution. Maria and IACC helped gather signatures for the Parental Notification ballot initiative which required abortion clinics to notify the parents of pregnant girls aged 13-18 before performing this legalized atrocity. She feels strongly that we need to do more to stop the killing of the defenseless; whether they are babies in the womb, the elderly, or the infirm.

I urge you to visit the Constitution Party’s website for a list of all our outstanding candidates.

Finally, I would be remiss not to ask you for a generous contribution as we had toward the finish line. I’m reaching out at the last minute for gifts of $500. That is a sacrifice, but I just know there are friends of the party willing to make a significant investment.

Perhaps $55—a dollar a day until voters go into the polling booths—would be more affordable. Just $25 or $30 will go a long way right now.

This is an urgent time to get involved with our candidates and to financially support your Constitution Party.