Message From the Chairman

Your Newsletter has Good News!

– 28 August 2014 – 
by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman

I’m really excited about our new newsletter. There is more information and important links than ever before. I urge you to read it — read it twice so you can go to the links — then send it on to a fellow patriot. Tell them this is why I’m involved in politics.

You should take pride in the good news about Alaska. Karen Murray’s story of her experiences in the Last Frontier State with the Alaska Constitution Party as they gathered signatures for ballot access is a fascinating read. Bravo to Alaska chairman J.R. Myers who is also our gubernatorial nominee.

And this news just in: The Constitution Party of West Virginia is now on the ballot. They did so by collecting over 10,000 signatures on petitions.

I won’t make this message long — I want you to have time to appreciate all the good news in the August edition of the American Constitutionist.

And your financial investments? All I can say is that there are 66 days until the election, and your Constitution Party is working overtime. We need your help.