Message From the Chairman

Almost There!

Almost There!

– 30 December 2013 –
by Frank Fluckiger –

Frank 1 I hope you’ve had a chance to explore our new website – I think it is a useful tool to educate and motivate patriots.
Our mini-campaign to raise $1100 is almost over the top: if you haven’t participated yet, please take this opportunity to invest in your Constitution Party. Your gift of $25 or $30 or $100 or even $15 will go far as we prepare for 2014.

Before you decide to contribute, please visit the website to see how it is developing – your financial support will help us put the finishing touches it needs – and to buy Internet advertising.

Please be generous: this time of year is difficult to raise the funds we need. Members and friends are (understandably) focused on family time.

The Constitution Party’s work goes on every week however. That’s why your donation of just $20 or $25 is vital right now. Please, while you think of it, send along a generous gift.

On behalf of the officers and staff I pass along our best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.