Message From the Chairman

The Tools We Need

The Tools We Need

– 26 December 2013 –

by Frank Fluckiger –

ToolsWeNeed As I’ve pointed out before, a majority of American voters want to have at least one alternative to the Democrats and Republicans — 60% of Americans say the Democratic and Republicans parties do such a poor job of representing the American people that a third major party is needed, according to Gallup.Sean Hannity gets the drift:
“Is it a third party we need? I’ve often argued no. I’m not so sure anymore. It may be time for a new conservative party in America. I’m sick of these guys.”

Washington Times columnist Judson Phillips asserts:

“Since conservatives are not welcome in the Democrat Party and the Republicans only want conservatives if they will sit down, shut up and not act on conservative beliefs, it is time for conservatives to go out on their own.” 

In a column entitled “Conservatives Need to File for Divorce from GOP,” commentator Jeff Crouere states:
“… time is a wasting, the ill-fated marriage to the Republican Party has failed and there is no point in continuing the political charade.”

Citizens of the Republic are restless … 48% of registered voters didn’t bother to go to the polls last year … in December, three independent polls by FOX News, ABC News/ Washington Post, and the Associated Press showed the disapproval ratings of Congress to be 79 percent, 83 percent, and 86 percent, respectively. 

It’s time for the Constitution Party to do more and do it faster. I urge you to go to our new website and order 20 or even 100 of the new brochure, “Special Report on a Growing Political Party.” Our target constituencies — pro-lifers, Tea party activists, homeschoolers, etc. — are looking for a political home. Let’s introduce them to the Constitution Party by distributing these attractive pamphlets.

I also ask that you send the link of our latest newsletter to friends and allies — and post it on your Facebook page or other social media sites.

Finally, please help the Constitution Party meet its goal of raising $1,100 by December 31st. I know that’s a modest sum, but this is a busy time of year — rightfully so — and many members and supporters are taking time to be with their families at home or on trips. 

Your gift of $25 or $40 or even $75 is necessary to complete the work on our new website — and to begin our internet advertising campaign.

As 2013 comes to a close — it was a successful one in terms of elections and party-building — we face bigger challenges in 2014. Ballot access, candidate recruitment, and campaign organizing will take much creative thinking, grass roots mobilization, and financial resources.

Please help us prepare for 2014 with your year-end donation of $20 or even $200 — the help of every patriot is needed to prepare for the battles that lie ahead.