Message From the Chairman

You Earned This Good News…

You Earned This Good News…

– 2 January 2014 –

by Frank Fluckiger –

Frank 1 As you will read in the link below, our new website is attracting attention and comment on the internet … and that means more visitors and more influence.This growth is entirely due to your loyal and generous support.

Gifts of $10, $20, even $100 add up: we have carefully invested those resources into party building and the results are very encouraging.

We are about to embark on an internet advertising campaign which promises to bring news of a Constitution-based political party to those who yearn for practical yet creative solutions to government-as-usual. Your continuing financial support will help us reach tens of thousands patriots who are one click away from an introduction to the Constitution Party.

Please continue to post links to our webpage on your Facebook page and your other social media outlets.  Remember to send along our newsletter to your friends and allies. It’s quite obvious this helps grow our party.

Thank you for your financial support and prayers – you are the heart and soul of the Constitution Party.