The Importance of Thanksgiving

Dear Lovers of Liberty,

As we begin Thanksgiving week, we must be reminded that our country was founded on a quest for freedom and independence.

It was not an easy task back in the days of the Pilgrims, but it remains ever so challenging in the year of our LORD 2022!

The Constitution Party has been struggling against the 2-Party stranglehold since its founding in 1992.

While many Americans gather freely with their loved ones enjoying turkey and all the trimmings, we should remember those who are unable to do so.

Those include individuals, who entered the Capitol on January 6, some of whom were angry and frustrated that they were not being listened to in their presentation of evidence that the 2020 election had been stolen. Their intent was to petition Congress to constitutionally return the electoral results to those states where there were election anomalies for re-evaluation.  The vast majority did not assault or threaten anyone, and the deaths on that day were only of unarmed protesters, including Roseanne Boyland and unarmed Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt, both at the hands of government actors.

Our fellow patriots, who have been rotting in the D.C. jail still awaiting trial for nearly 2 years, will not be afforded the same opportunity of gathering with family to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Ashli’s mother has encouraged Patriots to attend a Prayer Vigil outside the jail at 4:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day.  They will sing the “National Anthem” as has been done nightly since their incarceration.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Constitution Party encourages you to reflect on your life of freedom and liberty as you gather with your family.

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