CASTLE REPORT: Challenging the Powers That Be


Darrell Castle talks about the conviction of Donald Trump on 34 felony counts in New York last week in America’s first Stalinist show-trial designed to be an example of what could happen if you challenge the prevailing ideology of our new post rule of law, post bill of rights, nation.

Transcription / Notes


Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday, the 7th day of June in the year of our Lord 2024. I will be talking about the conviction of Donald Trump on 34 felony counts in New York City last week. This was America’s first Stalinist show trial designed to be an example of what could happen to normal people if they challenge the prevailing ideology of our new post rule of law, post bill of rights, nation.

Before I get into the conviction, I will remind you once again that yesterday, the 6th of June was the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings on the coast of France. Hundreds of thousands of young men were sent ashore in Normandy to confront the Nazi army that enslaved Europe. Thousands of them died that day but they all knew that death was a real possibility for them and yet they went anyway. When I see the thousands of crosses in the Normandy cemeteries today my first thought is what a terrible waste.

What private at Omaha Beach or Lieutenant on Utah would have become a great doctor, but now many thousands have been deprived of his care. What Canadian sergeant would have become prime minister of Canada thus sparing us the horrible Pierre Trudeau and his much worse son Justin. These are all things that we can’t know because they are all dead, but there is one thing of which I am certain and that is that the nation is no longer worthy of them because they fought to preserve something that has been squandered as you will hear in this report.

In my analysis of Trump’s conviction, I looked around for some quote, and some examples with which I could illustrate what happened and reveal the depths to which we have sunk as a people. The best quote is from the chief of Stalin’s secret police Lavrenti Beria. “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime.”

Professor Alan Dershowitz said that Judge Merchan took Stalin one step further because a day after the ruling and verdict he still didn’t know what the crime was. The prosecution didn’t bother or was unable to define the alleged crime that Trump allegedly committed. That didn’t matter because the judge told the jury in his instructions that they didn’t have to agree or even know what the crimes were as long as they had a belief that criminal acts were committed. This was, therefore, one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in U.S. history.

So, what was the crime of which he was supposedly guilty? We still don’t know exactly what the jury decided because apparently even they didn’t know what the crime was. A biased judge who refused to recuse himself apparently because he was hand selected for the purpose of a conviction. A biased jury and a biased prosecutor who ran for office on the promise of finding a crime to prosecute Trump for. The prosecutor and the system tried to follow Chief Beria’s statement but try as it did no crime could be found so they just made one up or invented one.

This is a stain on the system of law and justice in America and it makes it difficult to ever respect such a system again. If this verdict holds then be afraid because this is no longer America but instead it has morphed into a Stalinist system of terror from above. If we are to have hope for this country, for our system of individual rights, this decision must be overturned without a lot of delay and bureaucratic wrangling.

There used to be a sacrosanct system of standards, and everyone knew that the integrity of the system for all of us was more important than the evidence or lack of it against any one criminal defendant. First, there had to be a victim, a step missing from Trump’s trial. Victims would come forward to the system and allege that a crime had taken place. Professional police officers and detectives would investigate and if evidence warranted a suspect would be found and then prosecutors, separate from the police, would bring charges. The suspect, as we all know, would be presumed innocent until the prosecution proved every aspect of the law beyond a reasonable doubt. Now, that sacrosanct system is completely distorted and broken.

Politicians run for elected office like District Attorney or State Attorney General with the same zeal and the same promises to the same people as any other politician running for any other office. They are often funded by people like George Soros who want them in office because they will help him unleash chaos, disrespect, and doubt into the system. Most of all, they bring fear because no one is safe from their prosecutions or from the criminals they release to prey on the innocent.

They used to investigate a crime to find an individual suspect if one existed, but now they investigate a specific individual to find a crime even if it means inventing a crime where none exists. They then select the jurisdiction most suitable to them where virtually no one in the potential jury pool holds any political view different from the prosecution. The jurisdiction must be one where the defendant is hated so there is no chance whatsoever of a fair trial. That’s not enough for our new system though, the prosecutors must find a judge who is completely corrupt and sold out to the new ideology.

In our present case the judge’s daughter is a fund raiser for the Democratic Party and has raised millions for them. The judge imposed a gag order on Trump to keep him from talking about it and would allow no testimony about his daughter. The judge also contributed money to the Biden campaign. Oh yes, I know Joe Biden had nothing to do with this trial that is evident from his smirk after the verdict. That’s why the Biden department of injustice sent a prosecutor to New York to handle the prosecution because Bragg didn’t have the skills or confidence to do it.

Sad, but this is our system now. A member of the ruling elite, whichever one is in power at the time, can just point his thumb up or down like Ceasar at the Colosseum and that means death for the accused who had the audacity to oppose Ceasar. Today it isn’t gladiators who deliver the killing blow but dozens of federal agents with a laundry list of charges.

Since we are talking about ancient history and the Roman Empire, let me take you to ancient Greece for a moment where this thing we now refer to as democracy began. The word justice comes from the Latin word justitia which means righteousness. Quite appropriately those who applaud the verdict are full of righteousness albeit the self- righteousness-kind.  Their cheering at the demise of the centuries old American system of law and individual rights adds emphasis to the fact that we have given our system over to a group of ignorant barbarians who only know they won. They, from the president on down, don’t seem to care that their victory has destroyed the protection of law for all of us.

What was Donald Trump’s crime that so offended Ceasar? He had the audacity to run for political office again and he refused to back down. Democrats were advised after the verdict by the son of George Soros, Mr. Alex Soros, to always refer to Trump as a convicted felon so the word was out to the media from the man himself. Maybe these end-zone celebrations will backfire and start to bother even those who hate Trump and despise his opposition to this evil system as it now exists. Perhaps their referring to him as a convicted felon will be a rallying cry and a badge of honor. Perhaps this trial will make it more likely that Trump will be elected rather than less likely.

Americans have always had a soft spot for the underdog. Who would not want a team to prevail if they knew that the referees had been cheating for the opposition and therefore the victory was not justice but injustice. It appears that they are very afraid of Donald Trump and that is itself a badge of honor for Trump. Anyone they are afraid of must be someone to be considered worthy. This case had nothing to do with law and those of us who are not totally perverted know it. This case is disgraceful and as Tucker Carlson said anyone who defends it is a threat to you and your family.

This is an age-old dilemma that we face as Americans, but we have always relied on our Constitution and the law to protect us from the perversions of individuals. Just to reiterate a few things, it is a case brought by a prosecutor who could show no one harmed. It is doubly frightening because there are literally no legal grounds for bringing it and yet the powers who are supposed to rule over and protect the system said nothing. The bar associations, the law schools and most of all the media said nothing. None of the watchdogs said anything and that scares me more than the verdict.

This age-old dilemma with which our enemies were confronted was that getting Trump was so important that it justified any means, even perverted ones. This is the decision of fascists everywhere as learned from their mentor Benito Mussolini who decided that joining the Nazis was OK if it could help him restore the Roman Empire. We see quite often today the bogey man who is so bad that unjustified war or unjustified perversions of the system are now justified. Since the real crime of Trump was attempting to get elected, the prosecutor and judge have interfered with and perverted the election of the next president.

The people who are cheering the verdict will one day fall victim to this perversion and I wish they could understand that they have destroyed the system. One day, inevitably, they will say the wrong word, use the wrong pronoun, or have a wrong thought. Perhaps they will fail to bend the knee to Ceasar or fail to obey Ceasar when he gives them the thumb up or down. Perhaps they will refuse or regret not participating in whatever virtue signaling is next on the self-righteous woke agenda. If any of those happen, they could end up on the business end of the perverted justice system they just helped to create. They are full of blood lust now, but this new legal standard applies to them as well.

By a strange coincidence, the day of Trump’s verdict, May 30th was the anniversary of the death of Joan of Arc. 593 years ago. That fact came to my attention because of an article written by Msgr. Richard Antall for Crisis Magazine. Since I am a lifetime admirer of Saint Joan, I mention her struggle to you now.  Saint Joan was burned at the stake on May 30, 1431, when she was just 19 years old. She was a peasant girl born to a family of sharecroppers in rural France. She was a devout Catholic, as was most of France, but she kept having visions that God told her he wanted her to lead an effort to free France from English occupation. Her time was near the end of the Hundred Years War between France and England, so desperate times for France.

Despite the objections of many, including the church, she led the French army to victory at the battle of Orleans. Her time was much like ours in that those who oppose the powers that be would not and could not be tolerated. Joan was persecuted and vilified over the next year and a kangaroo court made up of English and even French traitors convicted her of blasphemy.  She was executed by burning on May 30th, 1431, at age 19. In 1920 she was made a saint of the Catholic Church and a bronze statue of a heroic Joan in full battle armor on her warhorse stands in Paris. The date of her death is a national holiday in France, so it took a while, and a revolution first had to destroy the church and the royalty, but the French people refused to let go of this peasant girl who became a great warrior.

Will the American people eventually see Donald Trump as valiant warrior who refused to back down to a group of corrupt officials, and one who sacrificed himself for us. Time will tell I guess, but one wonders whether we will ever welcome him into history as a national hero as the French people finally did for Joan. One thing is for certain and that is that his enemies who hate him and wish death for him have elevated him to be one of the most important Americans in history.

Finally, folks, I don’t think this will end here. Perhaps Donald Trump will pull on his armor, mount his warhorse, and lead his people to victory, sacrificing himself in the struggle. Perhaps those enemies of individual rights, of the truth, of the light, of the church, will prevail. Time will tell.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

Thanks for listening.

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America is in Crisis


America is in a Life Crisis.
We no longer respect Human Life. 
Whether pre-born, children, youth, civilian, or military,
politicians seem hell-bent on our destruction.
Time for a radical change in our thinking.
Time to re-establish America’s Constitutional Republic!


View this urgent message from
2024 Presidential Candidate Randall Terry



Randall Terry Wins the Constitution Party Nomination on the First Ballot

Selection of Pastor Stephen Broden for Vice-President Approved by Acclamation




Randall Terry has been a ProLife Leader, Speaker, Musician and Author for 30 years. He earned a master’s degree in foreign relations and international Terrorism. His speaking ability, his knowledge of history, his candor, and passion to train others makes him a lethal weapon to the enemies of God, and a vital teacher to those who wish to learn. He has made it his goal to raise up an Army of Righteous Leaders and activists.

Pastor Stephen Broden is the founder and Senior Pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship for over 35 years (a non-denominational inner-city church) in Dallas, Texas, a resident of the Dallas area for over forty-three years.

These two, outspoken pro-life warriors met on the abortion battlefield and forged a kinship to this day.


Learn more about the candidates at their campaign website:

Joseph Buchman, Ph.D., writer for the Independent Political Report did an exclusive interview with Randall Terry, Pastor Broden and their campaign manager, Joe Slovenec, just after his nomination on April 27, 2024.


IPR EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Constitution Party’s Randall Terry, Stephen Broden, and Joe Slovenec

The Constitution Party needs your financial support now more than ever before.




Comments or Questions?

Contact Donna Ivanovich, Assistant to the National Chairman


Eight Candidates Vie for Constitution Party Nomination

May 1, 2024

Dear Friends of the Constitution Party,

The Constitution Party conducted its National Convention this past weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I am pleased to report it was a resounding success having been well attended by a majority of the affiliated states. It was highly organized featuring guest speakers with interesting topics, delicious meals, and amazing musical entertainment by the Sanpete Family Choir and the Curated Arts Center.

Go to the bottom and please read the article below this message from the Independent Political Report, which focuses on third party and independent candidates. The article describes each of the presidential candidates and their persuasive campaign presentations at the Convention.for Then please visit our website to learn more about our subsequently elected presidential and vice-presidential nominees, Randall Terry and Stephen Broden.  Click here: CP Candidates for President & Vice President

Lastly, I hope all of you will mark your calendars and begin planning today to attend the Fall 2024 National Committee Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina on Friday & Saturday, November 8 – 9, 2024.

For Liberty,

Jim Clymer
National Chairman



Author:  Joseph G. Buchman, Ph.D., Independent Political Report (Edited for brevity)

Click here for the article in its entirety:  Constitution Party Convention: Eight Candidates Vie for Nomination – Independent Political Report

Seven of the eight candidates, who qualified to be considered for the Constitution Party’s POTUS nomination, gave a series of 18-minute presentations to the 110 delegates present from 23 states. The eighth candidate, identified as “Admiral Louis C. Hook”, was not present, provided neither a video nor other campaign materials, and no one spoke on his behalf.


Presentations, in alphabetical order, were as follows:


Dr. Daniel Clyde Cummings

Mr. David Gillie introduced Dr. Cummings as a man of honor who has spent over 60 years as a student of the US Constitution. So much so that Dr. Cummings knows that if elected he would “likely be assassinated.” (Dr. Cummings later shared that his wife shares that concern.)

Dr. Cummings then described the Democratic Party as an “organized crime” enterprise; and the Republican Party as a “disorganized crime” one. He then suggested while it was indeed an honor to be considered as a presidential nominee, it was in fact rather a “trust” and that while he would take an oath to the Constitution, his primary oath was one “written in heaven” and therefore more important than either the Supreme Court of the United States or of the US Congress.

Dr. Cummings also promised zero funding for the US Department of Education, other than the funds required for its “liquidation.”


Brandon L. McIntyre
In what proved to be the most lighthearted presentation of the day, Mr. McIntyre presented his “Let’s Go Brandon” campaign strategy, further noting that his middle initial “L” positioned him to be not only the Constitution Party Presidential Candidate with the best rallying cry (Let’s Go Brandon!) but also as the only BLM candidate (Brandon L. McIntyre).

While Mr. McIntyre is currently only 34, he was born 6 May 1989, he will make the age requirement for president of the United States in a bit over a week. He promised his campaign “will make it to the White House” where he will then ensure that both prayer and the US Constitution are returned to our public schools, private schools, and family homes.


Joel Skousen

Mr. Skousen began his remarks by indicating that he is 77 years old and had served as a pilot for the US Marine Corps. (In answer to a subsequent question, he promised to fly his personal aircraft to campaign events in support of the Constitution Party even if he was not the nominee.)

He then promised to “build the party not on the illusions of victory, but slowly with the truth”, further declaring, “I know conspiracy better than anyone in the USA” and that, “Vince Foster was killed by the deep state”.

Mr. Skousen closed his remarks to the convention by declaring, “I know I will not win (the nomination, because) most of you are locked up for another candidate; but were I to win the Presidency, I would pardon all of the January 6th protesters.”

He then took questions from the audience regarding social security and draining the swamp.


Ben Stewart

Mr. Stewart began his presentation by declaring “My slogan is: Love America, Be an American, Be part of the solution, not part of the problem”.

He then proposed turning the US Mexican border into a “New Panama (like) Canal” where immigrants could only enter over the drawbridges (when they were closed), and where for those who did not seek US citizenship (to be made available at public libraries), the only humanitarian aid would be available on the other side of the US/Mexican border.

He recommended all prescription drugs should be Made in America, because “foreign (made) pills could be poison.”

Mr. Stewart then offered a novel solution to paying down the US debt, saying . . .”I do not like the idea of selling off Alaska to pay for the debt.” He then proposed legalizing and taxing cannabis, asking the delegates, “Do you know how many people would smoke pot saying: ‘I’m helping pay down the national debt’?” Legalizing cannabis he declared would cause people who are currently broke to become business people who profit from producing and selling the product.

Regarding students he proposed, “teaching every American child to hunt, fish, and grow their own food.” Kids today “don’t know the difference between Xbox and a real gun.”


Randall Terry

Mr. Terry began his presentation with three television commercials which were projected on a screen at the front of the room, advocating for abortion prohibition.

Darrel Castle, long-time Constitution Party member, then introduced Mr. Terry saying that he initially declined the request for an endorsement but having had a change of mind regarding the images of the aborted – now wishes he could, “take those baby carcasses, hang one on every politician in D.C., and they could wear it for the rest of their lives.”

“A slaughter is happening in the Black community: the systematic murder of Black babies. Democrats and the Congressional Black caucus are pushing death-by-abortion on Black women and their babies. Our so-called leaders have sold . . . us . . . out. They have blood on their hands, blood from the murder of Black babies.  We must repent of voting for those who promote murder.”

Following the three-video presentation, Mr. Terry began his remarks with: “This is not a face you will see in the White House; I will not get elected. I do not want a place at a table with Planned Parenthood; I want to turn that table into firewood!

Regarding abortion: “The Democrats are running on it; the Republicans are running from it; I want to run at it!  Run to the Roar!  We will not equivocate”.


Samm Tittle

In a rapid-fire, passionate, presentation, the following exemplar quotes were made:

“I am going to be your president.  I ran for you in 2012, 2016, and 2020 and this is it!”

“I want immigration just the way they do it in China; you don’t get to get in for free.”

“I’ve danced with the only five-star General . . . Omar Bradley.:

“I do not fear a man who can take my body; I fear a God who can take my soul.”

“I won New Mexico for the Constitution Party in 2020.”

“All lives matter, stupid!  Jesus rode an ass.”

“I want your vote.”

With 10 minutes remaining, the floor was opened for questions. Comments in the Q&A included:

“We need to get the land back from the Bureau of Land Management.”

“Let’s get children back to work (on their education) after we get the illegals out with a note in their own language that says – If you come back, you will be housed in a federal penitentiary.

“The globalists are right here; China is among us.”

“Lawyers can file class action suits in Utah to reclaim land from the federal government.”


Paul Venable

Mr. Venable was introduced by Donna Brandenberg. “We cannot do this with money. We need knowledge, strategy, and a team.

Mr. Venable shared about an experience in January of 2003 when he awoke with a clear knowledge that he was to move to Idaho and work to preserve the US Constitution.

At some point after he was old enough to discover what was on the other side of midnight, he was up late with his father, a veteran of World War II, and while they were watching TV together, eventually it was time for the station to sign off. The Star-Spangled Banner started, signaling the end of the broadcast day when a little past half-way through, his father got up, walked across the room and turned off the television (we did not have remotes back then).  He noticed Paul’s unspoken but quizzical inquiry. To which he just calmly responded, “I never want to hear America’s song end”.  Paul said that he could not have conveyed in a thousand words what he had taught him in that moment.

“I want to thank my parents; they taught me liberty.  Ephesians 6:12 says there will be wickedness in the high places.  I had no idea how deep the deep state is.  We are fighting an enemy that gains power and money from blood – the bloodshed of the womb, the bloodshed in Ukraine . . . at our border.”

“We need a Constitutional Repentance and Spiritual Revival.  The Constitution is not dead; it is abused, scarred, walked on, and ignored.  By who?  By you!  By We the People. It is We, the people, who must stand up and enforce the Constitution.”

Comments or Questions: Contact Donna Ivanovich, Administrative Assistant to the National Chairman


2024 Election of Executive Officers and Area Chairmen


DATE:    April 30, 2024

After a total of 16 years serving the Constitution Party as your National Chairman, with three 4-year terms from 1999 to 2012, and then again for one 4-year term from 2020 to 2024, it is time for me to step down and hand the reigns over to someone else.

At the Spring 2024 National Committee Meeting this past weekend and following the National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am happy to announce that Justin Magill was nominated and was elected to the position of National Chairman.

Justin is an attorney and lives in Erie, PA, where he serves as the Vice-Chairman and the NW Regional Chairman for the Constitution Party of Pennsylvania.  He also served as a Member-At-Large on the Executive Committee for the last 4 years.

I am proud to also announce the following people as newly elected members now joining the Executive Committee.  They are:

Glen Miller from Utah has accepted the nomination as National Vice-Chairman.  Glen joined the Constitution Party in 2008 and has also served on the Executive Committee as a Member-At-Large since 2019.  I’m sure many recognize Glen as the author and editor of the Howard Phillips Legacy Society’s monthly “Victory Report“.

Megan Schmitt of our newest affiliated Party in New Hampshire has accepted the position as our National Secretary.  Megan is a founding member of the Constitution Party of New Hampshire where she serves as their State Secretary and prepares their monthly Newsletter.  She is passionate and energetic, and I know she’s going to be a responsible secretary.

Gerald (Jerry) Wistrand from a Kansas City suburb of Missouri has accepted the very important position as our National Treasurer.  Jerry has been an IT Auditor for 36 years and is the Constitution Party of Missouri’s State Treasurer.  He is currently coordinating Missouri’s ballot access petition campaign while also serving as the Chairman of Jackson County and as an Alternate Member to the National Committee.

Bob Goodrich, the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Pennsylvania and a National Committee Member, has accepted the position as Eastern States Area Chairman.

Kristen Jackson, the State Co-Chairman of the newest affiliated Constitution Party of New Hampshire and a National Committee Member, has accepted the position as Eastern States Area Co-Chairman.

Dan (Red) Phillips, M.D. has been an active member of the Constitution Party of Georgia for several years as well as a National Committee Member.  He wants to help grow the Party as the Southern States Area Co-Chairman along with re-elected Southern States Area Chairman, Kevin Hayes, from North Carolina.

Dr. Steven Sylvester, the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois and a National Committee Member, was nominated and accepted the position as Mid-Western States Area Co-Chairman along with re-elected Mid-Western States Area Chairman, Paul Venable, from Missouri.

Janine Hansen from Nevada and Kirk Pearson from Utah were re-elected as the Western States Area Chairman and Co-Chairman.

Won’t you please join me in giving these members a hearty congratulations for volunteering to help lead the Constitution Party in the way it should go.

As my last reminder and request, the Constitution Party needs your financial support more now than ever before.  Your donations will help us garner ballot access in some states as well as promote our newly elected presidential candidate, pro-life warrior, Randall Terry.

This is a critical time in our country.

It is time for concerned patriots to man the ramparts.

It has been an honor to serve you and the Party I have loved from the beginning of its creation.  I will still be around in a training capacity during the transition period until the Fall 2024 National Committee Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina on November 8-9, 2024.

For Liberty,

Jim Clymer
National Chairman


Randall Terry for President

Randall Terry and Stephen Broden win the nomination for Constitution Party Presidential Ticket



Randall Terry won the nomination on the first ballot and his selection for Vice President of Pastor Stephen Broden was approved by acclamation.


Randall Terry is a Pro-Life Leader, Speaker, Musician and Author for 30 years. He has a master’s degree in foreign relations and international Terrorism. His speaking ability, his knowledge of history, his candor, and passion to train others makes him a lethal weapon to the enemies of God, and a vital teacher to those that wish to learn. He has made it his goal to raise up an Army of Righteous Leaders and activists.

Pastor Stephen Broden is the founder and Senior Pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship for over 35 years (a non-denominational inner-city church) in Dallas, Texas, a resident of the Dallas area for over forty-three years.


Learn more about the candidates at their campaign website


The Constitution Party Announces Candidates Seeking Their Presidential Nomination

The Constitution Party is happy to announce five candidates seeking nomination for U.S. President have qualified for consideration having garnered the required nominations in advance of their National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 24-27, 2024.

There is still time for other candidates to qualify for consideration and join these five between today and until no later than Friday morning, April 26, 2024.


Daniel Cummings
Louis C. Hook
Joel Skousen
Randall Terry
Sheila (Samm) Tittle


For more information about the process, please email:

secretary [at] constitutionparty [dot] com




Welcome to the Constitution Party 2024 Presidential Nominating Convention and April National Committee Meeting!


Join Consitutionists across the country as they gather to select a presidential candidate committed to re-establishing America’s Constitutional Republic.