Message From the Chairman

Your July Newsletter

30 July 2014 – 

by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman

I’m very excited about our newsletter — we have plenty of announcements and even some things to brag about. Fielding over 150 candidates is one of them.

I urge you to read the commentary on illegal immigration. It’s a comprehensive look at this controversial subject, but one you won’t find elsewhere. Many “Conservative” groups use it for fund raising, and “think tanks” get only part of the story right. Our take on the illegal aliens crisis is based strictly on the Constitution and our heritage.

Bob Peck, who penned the article, states:

“He, nor the laws that He designed into His creation, will be mocked — what men sow, they will reap. … The real problem didn’t originate solely south of the border, nor entirely inside the beltway. Until we take responsibility for our own country’s spiritual and moral condition and for the results of our own political choices, no amount of complaining, marching in the streets, or writing cards and letters to our Congressman is going to fix it.”

If we are to stand apart from Socialist parties A and B, we must know the score and be able to defend our positions deftly. We have the platform, the candidates, and the resolve to move forward step by step. Even if that means being pushed back a step now and then. Progress for our party cannot be measured by a snapshot.

One thing I ask you to take seriously. We are in the midst of getting on the ballot in several states — your Constitution Party needs your financial investment now to get the job done. I can say little else but please hurry … there are just 98 days until the election.