Message From the Chairman

We’re Fighting at Every Turn!

11 August 2014 – 

by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman


I’ll be brief and to the point.It’s time to take advantage of the opportunities that we have: more than 150 Constitution Party candidates are running for office this year.

On August 4, attorneys for Wyoming told a U.S. District Court that they will not try to defend a state campaign finance law that discriminates against minor party and independent candidates. The case had been brought by the Constitution Party’s nominee for Secretary of State, Jennifer Young. According to Ballot Access News:

“The public interest organization which represented the plaintiffs in court has been awarded $7,424 in attorneys fees. This is the second constitutional election law victory for the Constitution Party in the last thirty days; the earlier one was the Pennsylvania Third Circuit opinion of July 9th.”

Our party has other constitutional election law challenges pending in Alabama, Georgia, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

That’s why your help is needed right now — we urgently need financial resources to gain ballot access — to fight in court and to conduct petition campaigns. Please be generous when considering this appeal. Your gift of $50 or $25 will go a long way; I hope someone will match the generous donation of $400 we just received to help with one of our ballot access drives.

No matter what you can give — $20 or $200 — we must put it to use soon.

There are just 89 (eighty nine) days left until voters go to the polls.