Message From the Chairman

Why 25?

Frank Fluckiger
– 10 October 2014 –

It’s 25 days until the election, and I urge you to invest $25 in the Constitution Party.

Our hard-working Alabama state chairman Joshua Cassity puts it this way,  “This is what ballot access law have accomplished: come November, 62 percent of our Alabama State House Elections will have only one candidate on the ballot. This is unacceptable!”

Your contribution will help our party fight for ballot access. That’s the only way we have to offer voters a chance to support Constitutional candidates.


Wikipedia outlines some third party ballot access road blocks:

  • “The role of corporate money propping up the two established parties
  • The allegedly related general reluctance of news organizations to cover minor political party campaigns
  • Scaring voters from voting for any candidate other than the lesser of evils, who is reported to have a chance of winning
  • The public view that third parties have no chance of beating the worse of evils, and are therefore a wasted vote.”

Securing a platform to voice our unique view on the issues is crucial. With just 25 days to go, I simply must ask you to donate $25 to the Constitution Party.


Because some media are discovering that a closed political system means fewer voters participate in elections … those voters could very well change the outcome of many races.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper recently noted: “A federal district judge appointed by President George W. Bush has put the kibosh on a deplorable bid by General Assembly Republicans to make it harder for third parties to field candidates on Ohio’s 2014 ballot. In his opinion U.S. District Judge Michael H. Watson wrote ‘the … Legislature moved the proverbial goalpost in the midst of the game.’”

I am asking you for a gift of $25 … perhaps you can give $2 a day ($50) or even $5 a day ($125). Whatever you can give — just $15 or $20 — is vital.
It’s urgent that I hear from you..


Because all that’s left before the voters go to the polls is 25 days.