Message From the Chairman

Do You Know Christian Fioravanti?

Frank Fluckiger
– 7 October 2014 – 

Christian Fioravanti, running for State Senate in Idaho, is one of our many outstanding candidates for office this year. He is a successful entrepreneur, radio personality, and a tireless campaigner. He has been endorsed by a former GOP candidate for state wide office (who cut commercials on his behalf), and is campaigning on a platform of opposition to Common Core and in support of state sovereignty. I’m proud to say Christian represents the future of our party.There are some other Constitution Party candidates I’d like you to meet …

Recently, I announced the breakthrough we had in Alaska — the former State Chairman of the Republican Party endorsed our candidate for Governor, J.R. Myers. But there is more exciting news from “The Last Frontier” state: Pam Goode who is running for State Representative, has recently been endorsed by the former Secretary of the Alaska Republican Party, and is supported by Alaska Right To Life (“Pam Goode is exactly the kind of candidate that Alaska Right to Life is proud to support. Pam puts principles above political ambitions and recognizes the inherent worth of every innocent human life.”)

Our U.S. Senate candidate in West Virginia, Phil Hudok is a dynamo — he and the hard working WV Constitution Party members gathered 10,000 signatures to gain ballot access. The political website, Opposition News, had this to say about Phil: “The Constitution Party candidate for West Virginia U.S. Senate provides example after example of ways that under-funded opposition candidates can wage effective and impactful campaigns … Phil Hudok could teach a class in grassroots campaigning.” West Virginia Public Broadcasting will include Phil in a statewide television debate between all U.S. Senate candidates.

There are so many candidates I’d like to highlight … Donna Ivanovich  a veteran Constitution Party state and national leader, is running for State Representative in Missouri … Shaun Crowell a former Libertarian Party activist, is our gubernatorial candidate in Tennessee … and Steve Henderson who is running for assessor in Mesa County, Colorado, has received the endorsement of the retiring Republican incumbent.

Please visit the “Election Central” page on the Constitution Party website. Get involved and invest in a campaign, and contact friends and family to vote for our candidates.

With just weeks left to election day, I hope you will sense the urgency and opportunity of our situation: your contribution of $50, $100, or even $20 will make a difference as we count down the clock to November 4th.