Message From the Chairman

Tell the TRUTH about Illegal Immigration: The Founding Fathers Did

by National Chairman Frank Fluckiger

The voters have long been frustrated, even frightened, by the illegal alien invasion, and well they should be. Former  Congressman Tom Tancredo just reported that “between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens; in New York it was 34% as was California and Texas. Every state has a serious crime rate due to illegal aliens.” Every single one.

That’s why the Constitution Party is telling the truth about illegal immigration. Americans must have the facts and know there is a political party that works for them.

Our September newsletter is a no-holds-barred look into the crisis we face. We are blunt about impact of the illegal immigration because America needs the truth about the invasion of illegal aliens.

I urge you to read the newsletter carefully, post it on Facebook, and email it to friends and fellow patriots. There is an ad for our new party recruitment card highlighting our take on illegal immigration in the newsletter. The cards are designed to fit into an envelope and can be purchase for just $6 per hundred – postage included. Please distribute them as an educational piece and as an introduction to the Constitution Party.

I must tell you that your financial support is key to telling the truth about the illegal alien invasion, and joining the Howard Phillips Legacy Society is the best way to invest in your Constitution Party. September’s American Constitutionist has all the reasons to join this exclusive party affiliate.

We must inform the voters that the Founding Fathers had it right when it came to immigration. Read more about that on page one of The American Constitutionist.