Message From the Chairman

Special Summer Edition of the American Constitutionist

by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman.

The Special Summer Issue of our newsletter is filled with information that should be posted on Facebook and sent to friends and fellow patriots.

I especially urge you to read the essay from a journalist reprinted on page seven — fairness toward third parties in ballot access, and a free market of ideas on election day, are issues even the news media understand.

This message is short, because I want to to read the attached, and start posting it on the internet.

One more thing: over the summer months, income goes down because of family vacations and other summer projects. That’s understandable. However, the work of your Constitution Party continues every day of every season. Quite frankly, we are behind in our annual budget and we do not want to cut back on critical ballot access drives at this critical time. You can help by doing two things:

1. Order the new party brochure and the card insert on illegal immigration (ordering information and prices are in the newsletter). We need more patriots in this fight, and these tools will help you to recruit them.

2. Please invest a generous contribution to put our budget back on track. 25 members donating $100 each, and 25 members giving $50 are what we need right now — gifts of $15, $20, $25, or whatever you can give, will quickly put to good use. I have no other way of saying that it is urgent we must receive financial support right away.