Message From the Chairman

Preparations are Underway for the 2016 National Presidential Nominating Convention!

salt-lake-city-downtown-2 2016 is here and the presidential election has begun.  As it has since its founding in 1992, the Constitution Party will be fielding a candidate again this year.  Who that will be is up to you.As a three-term Party Chairman and the 2012 Vice Presidential nominee,  I know the process well — it’s important and inspirational for every patriot to be involved.The Constitution Party nominating convention is set for April 13-17 in Salt Lake City.  There we will adopt a platform, conduct necessary party business including the election of our national party leadership team … and select our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.

If you want to be a voting delegate at the convention, your membership in the National Committee of the Constitution Party is the first step.  The National Committee is the body of leaders from around the country that provide the direction and organization of our party.National Committee members are selected by their respective state parties and annual dues is $100 — members may split that amount into installments as long as the final payment equaling $100 is made by March 10th.  If you are already a National Committee member, please go to this link and where it says “how should we attribute your donation”, click on the dropdown menu and select National Committee Dues. If you are not currently a National Committee member and would like to part of this important work, contact your state party leadership and become an active member of your state party. Find your state party contact at this page on our website.

Most people are not able to serve as National Committee members and I understand this.  I want you to know that you can still play a vital role in our historic presidential nominating convention by investing $25 or $50 — this will help us meet the costs involved in organizing the convention and as well as help us gain ballot access so our party will begin the fight in the general election.


Jim Clymer
Former National Chairman