Message From the Chairman

January 2016 American Constitutionist


14 January 2016

Dear Patriot:

As a supporter of the Constitution Party, you understand effective politics is not to just to complain about issues, or shake your fist at the establishment.

Action and ideas make the difference. You can read about what we are doing in this month’s newsletter.

Recent voter surveys show that among all likely voters, 80 percent support deportation for illegal immigrant convicted felons. Just 11 percent are opposed; among all likely voters, 51 percent said they favored building a border wall, with 37 percent disagreeing, and 12 percent who were not sure. We have a way to introduce these frustrated voters to the Constitution Party — an attractive hand out card with the facts and figures addressing the issue, and and how to resolve the problem using the Constitution as a measure of success. Please take a look at this important tool you can use to introduce voters to the Constitution Party — order some today.

Other issue cards on traditional marriage and abortion — subjects that the other parties dare not talk about — are in the works. We are defining the Constitution Party as the clear-cut choice for value voters fed-up with politics-as-usual.

Salon News Service, a very liberal media outfit, recently noted that, “Both parties, to varying degrees, have developed interests separate and apart from those of the country. Controlled by the corporate class.” Since 1988, when Gallup began conducting polls on partisanship, fewer Americans have identified as Republican and Democrat. We have the answer to these dissatisfied voters: support the Constitution Party. One way to introduce voters to our party is a simple brochure that outlines why we offer a third party choice and why we stand on the principles of the Constitution as our standard.

We are moving ahead on our 2016 battle plans. I urge you to use these tools to stay on the front lines as an effective freedom fighter.


Frank Fluckiger,
National Chairman

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