Message From the Chairman

October 2014 American Constitutionist and More…

Frank Fluckiger
– 21 October 2014 – 

I’m delighted to report that our Constitution Party candidate for Lt. Governor of Idaho, David Hartigan, is at 12 percent in a new poll. If that figure holds up on election day, it will translate into approximately 53,000 votes. He would best any candidate in raw votes in the history of the Constitution Party in Idaho.

Phil Hudok, our dynamic candidate for U.S. Senate in West Virginia, was included in a debate that was broadcast on state-wide television. There was fair news coverage — the Charleston Daily Mail reported: “Hudok said the nation needs to get back to the principles of the Constitution and roll back policies, such as Common Core education and mandatory student vaccinations, that interfere with people’s freedoms. ‘To me, it comes down to the Constitution. We have to come back to the rule of law and what really counts and made this country great — our Christian heritage — and we’ve left it.’”

And in Tennessee, our candidates are receiving balanced coverage too.The Jackson Sun recently reported on a party meeting: “Tim York, a candidate for Tennessee Senate, said he would seek to cut spending. ‘I will first look to the Constitution of the state of Tennessee and the Constitution of the federal government. If something comes up and it’s unconstitutional, I will definitely vote against it.’” The paper  also quoted Mike Warner, a Constitution Party candidate for the Tennessee House: “[Warner] said he would constantly look to the Constitution to determine his course of action. ‘We’re going to do the right thing,’ Warner said. ‘We’re going to do what’s in accordance with the law. The supreme law of the land is the Constitution, and what does not fit that framework is not a law.’”

Good candidates, with a solid grounding in the Constitution, are getting attention from voters and even the media. Read more good news in your latest American Constitutionist newsletter.

Fighting on the front lines in politics doesn’t come easily — or cheap. Our candidates and volunteers are working hard — and making sacrifices.

There are 14 days left before the election. I urge you to make a sacrificial investment of five dollars a day ($70) or just two dollars a day ($28) right away. There is an urgent need for your help on the front lines. If you have given before, then please consider an extra gift.  If you haven’t already donated to the Constitution Party, now is the time.

There are 14 days to go.