Message From the Chairman


by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman
– 28 October 2014 – 

Our Constitution Party candidate for Idaho’s First District Senator is Christian Fioravanti — a young, energetic, and knowledgeable campaigner. I’ve said it before: Christian represents the future of the Constitution Party.

I just received a report from his campaign which states: “Thus far in October 2014, we now stand in record [website] territory. By the end of the month, if the trend continues, our site will have pulled in over 75 thousand hits.”

In an extensive newspaper interview (3400 words), Christian says he favors: “Transferring federally controlled public lands to Idaho … Repealing Idaho Healthcare Exchange [state Obamacare program] and replacing with affordable free market solutions … Dismantling and replacing Common Core with local control and new higher standards … Protecting property rights and personal liberties from federally unconstitutional laws.”

That’s the kind of courageous candidate the Constitution Party needs on the front lines.

You can see Christian in action in this video clip:

Boundary County Candidate Forum

The Fioravanti campaign cites their website traffic as one proof that his candidacy has momentum: “In pages being consumed by readers, we are averaging 730 pages of content consumed per day…that is 30 pages of content per hour! Both the total visits and pages viewed are taking off.”

The Idaho Constitution Party deserves our thanks for recruiting candidates like Christian for the elective office. If we did not have strong, organized state parties then there would be no viable candidates.

P.S. Please remember that after next week, your Constitution Party begins its urgent work of preparing for 2015 and 2016 — establishing new state affiliates and working for ballot position. I urge you to invest in that vital agenda.