Message From the Chairman

A Victory is On the Way!

Dear Fellow Constitution Party Supporter:

Exciting news from Pennsylvania this week!  The party is one step closer to a major ballot access victory in Pennsylvania.  A state court judge has issued an order giving the legislative body one week to act on a pending ballot access bill, reducing the required number of signatures from 21,775 to 5,000 signatures.  If the legislators fail to act the judge will act for them.  Either action will place the party in favorable position to gain ballot access and claim another 20 electoral votes!

Virginia and Ohio are also key sates where ballot access can also be achieved with 5,000 signatures!  Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania have a combined total of 51 electoral votes.  Achieving ballot access in these three states would virtually ensure that the party would be on the ballot in enough states to exceed the 270 electoral vote threshold to win the presidency.

To achieve this goal, your financial investment in the party is critical and is needed immediately.  We do not have a single day to spare as ballot access petitions are time-sensitive.  

The ballot petition deadline in Pennsylvania is August 1st; in Ohio, it is August 10th; and in Virginia, it is August 26th.  At this point we need as many volunteers as possible and we will also need to bring in professional signature gatherers.  The expected cost for professionals to assist our efforts will run as high as $2.50 per signature, which translates into a total cost of $56,250.00.

I cannot emphasize enough the urgency and necessity of your most generous gift to our ballot access drive.  Your donation of $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, $500.00 or more is critically needed.

As in my previous pleas to you, I encourage you to forward this message on to your family members and friends of like mind, and encourage them to go to the national website and to learn of the party –  You have been doing an incredible job.  As a result of your efforts and dedication, 47% of the donations received during the first half of June were from first time donors.  Folks, that is an impressive number, and I can not thank you enough.  This new support is keeping us in the game. Please continue that effort with this email.  Spread this message to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and any other means available to you.

In addition to the above states, we are currently gathering signatures in Iowa, North Dakota, Alabama, Nebraska, Georgia, and Washington.  Please understand that the Constitution Party – your party- desperately needs your continued support.  Your gift of $10.00, $25,.00, $50.00, $100.00, $500.00 or more is needed now.  Your investment toward this effort is critical.

Make your contribution payable to the Constitution Party and mail it,
along with this form, to:

Constitution Party National Committee
PO Box 1782
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17608

or donate online here.

Please act today. You can rest assured that each dollar will be wisely spent.

For God, Family, and Country,
Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman
Constitution Party