Message From the Chairman


paul-skousen-bookWhat’s left for us to do? There’s 15 days of intense campaigning to reach the finish line. That’s why I’m writing to you: will you join me in pledging just $2.40 a day for 15 days? That’s $36, just enough to provide a vital — even urgent — boost for the Constitution Party.

Please note: after November 8th comes an exciting opportunity to grow the party — we have so many new supporters who can help build affiliates and create new state parties. We must engage them starting Wednesday, November 9th. To do so, I need your help.

As a gift of appreciation for your investment of $36, I will send you an autographed copy of the brand new book, How to Read the Constitution by Paul Skousen.

This is an essential handbook in the fight for freedom and will be shipped, postage paid,
for a gift of $36.

How to Read the Constitution will help you to frame the argument of why we call ourselves Constitutionists and not just Conservatives.  This is exactly what’s needed to educate and motivate new friends and veteran allies after the election.

Please respond right away – 15 days is not a long time.  Your contribution of $36, $75, or even $15 is crucial right now.

Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman
P.S. For your gift of $36 or more, I’ll have a copy of this important new book sent to you right away.

P.P.S. If you cannot contribute right now, please know your past support for the Constitution Party is deeply appreciated.