Message From the Chairman

A Short, Sweet, But Urgent Message…

by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman

Frank 1

Recently the political website Opposition News, a news service dedicated to third party and independent candidates, had this to say about our Constitution Party …

The Constitution Party is on a roll. New websites, new newsletters, rallies, voter drives, fundraisers – what impressive grassroots action will the party’s National Chairman Frank Fluckiger announce next?

While the personal compliment is appreciated, any success we have enjoyed — I will have more to share with you very soon — is entirely due to your hard work, devotion to the Constitution, and generous support. 

The Opposition News report put it this way …

By definition, ‘grassroots’ is from the ground up. Many grassroots activists forget that once they reach the top. The Constitution Party is not one of those. As they repeatedly insist, “Our grass roots network of patriots is the source of the Constitution Party’s strength. Our party is built from the bottom up, so the most responsibility, accountability – and the most political action – is at your doorstep.”

By reviewing our past newsletters — and now the April issue — you will see the progress we’ve made by emphasizing running local candidates and building state party organizations. I urge you to help the party by circulating our newsletters to friends and allies, and posting the newsletters on Facebook.

Work on ballot access is exciting news — in New Mexico, where it takes 3,000 signatures of voters to get on the ballot, our state affiliate has secured nearly 4,000 names with a target of 5,500 registered voters to ensure any challenge to the petitions will be not be a hindrance.

Our steps forward in this crucial election year depends entirely on your help. The grassroots action of ballot access drives as well as organizing precinct and county political units, are necessary to sustain our momentum. And I must emphasize that investing in the Constitution Party is an urgent need right now.

Please be generous. Your gift of $25, $35, or $100 is vital to our success.

It is encouraging to see and read reports from state parties and our candidates, but to continue the momentum, it is urgent that I hear from you right away. Your contribution of $20 or $200 will really make a difference.