Message From the Chairman

97 and Counting!

ballot-box We had 25 Constitution Party candidates in February. There were 30 more in March. Now, as of April, your Constitution Party is fielding 97 candidates across the country … there will even be more next month. The offices sought range from County Assessor to State Representative to U.S. Senate. 

This is a major milestone in our progress — and it’s another sign that your financial support is crucial. 

Our success is based on a simple two part formula: promote a platform that conforms with the Founder’s vision of America and ensure it is central to the campaign of every one of our candidates; second, secure access to ballots so we can offer alternatives to Socialist Party A and Socialist Party B. 

We must stand ready to fight because opportunities are everywhere. For example, a few days ago the Republican Party of Nevada stripped its long-standing pro-life plank and dropped its opposition to gay marriage. Our state affiliate is offering more than 20 Constitutionalists as candidates in November, all of whom are right-to-lifers and support one-woman-one-man traditional marriage.

Part two of our formula for success requires your help in two ways. First, we must get the word out that the Constitution Party offers candidates and and a plan that will make America great again. One of the best ways to do so is to circulate our newsletter — each month we provide a wide variety of news, such as the websites of candidates and parties, and now we are featuring an in-depth article on what we believe and why. 

The newsletter is an excellent way of reaching out to Tea Party members, pro-lifers, and other allies to explain what we stand for and what we are accomplishing as a party.

Please make it your goal this month to share it on Facebook and to send it along to just five patriots.

The second way you can help is investing in ballot access campaigns. Please contribute generously in the Constitution Party as we coordinate ballot access in a variety of states. I’m asking every supporter to seriously consider a one-time gift of $25 — more if possible.

Time is of the essence

We are literally days away from wrapping-up ballot signature drives and paying filing fees. Your gift of $25 or whatever you can contribute will mean that group of candidates you see in the newsletter will grow, and that the number of state battlegrounds will increase.

There is a reference in the newsletter to insights on the 2016 presidential elections — fascinating reading. One newspaper notes, “Political thinking is changing. The next generation of voters is not nearly as loyal to the traditional two- party system as their grandparents were.”

The Constitution Party is ready to challenge young voters to break the two party habit of voting, and we are reaching out to pro-lifers, traditional marriage advocates, and other patriots left behind by the “conservative” GOP.

The Constitution Party has the platform, we have the candidates, but we must gain access to ballots. That’s why we need your help. May I hear from you today?


Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman

P.S. Our Spring meeting of the party’s National Committee is scheduled for April 25-26 in Memphis. Information about speakers and topics can be found in your newsletter. All are welcome to participate.