America Entering Dangerous New Age: The Post-Constitutional Era


Our speech is being monitored. Our lawmakers work in secret. It’s a brave new world

READ HERE: The Post-Constitutional Era

Commentary below by Karen Murray, National Communications Director

This is an excellent article and worthy of kicking of the season of celebrating the Declaration of Independence with a review of America’s history and how far we have fallen from our ideals.


The author says, “Without a strong Bill of Rights to protect us — indeed, secure us — from the dangers of our own government, we will have gone full-circle to a Post-Constitutional America that shares much in common with the pre-constitutional British colonies.


Yet there is no widespread, mainstream movement of opposition to what the government has been doing. It seems, in fact, that many Americans are willing to accept, perhaps even welcome out of fear, the death of the Bill of Rights, one amendment at a time.”


We believe the Constitution Party is the opening volley of the “widespread, mainstream movement of opposition” to the policies of both major political parties, which are happily destroying the principles of Liberty for their own ends and destroying America in the process.


Read this article and weep, then roll up your sleeves and get to work!


First, donate to the national Constitution Party to help us attain ballot access in every state, the same ballot access provided free to the two main parties in charge but denied to alternative party candidates. Donate here, or become a member of the Howard Phillips Legacy Society.


Second, get involved with your local and state parties. If one is not available to you, work with your state leaders or national area chairman to get one started. If not you, then who? Find out who to contact here:  State Parties  Or send an email to commsdirector [at] constitutionparty [dot] com, Or call 1-800-2-VETO-IRS.


The time is NOW!