SAVE THE DATE – SAVE OUR COUNTRY! – 2022 Spring National Committee Meeting


April 29 – 30, 2022

The Constitution Party National Committee for our Spring Event will be meeting in Erie, Pennsylvania –  the Flagship City and Pennsylvania’s primary access point to the Great Lakes!


The Spring 2022 National Committee meeting is right around the corner. ..

AND…..the midterm elections are closer than you think. It will be our real chance to elect freedom-loving patriots instead of globalist Democrats and the Republicans, who silently stand by watching the
intentional destruction of our country and our culture. Remember, our beloved Founder, the late Howard Phillips, originally formed this Party knowing full well that neither D’s nor R’s were following the
Constitution or representing the values of our citizens.  It is, therefore, incumbent on each and every one of our members to do everything possible to join your like-minded friends in an effort to


  • Registration Fee: Early Bird Registration – $100/person through April 14; $110/person if received after April 14
    Saturday attendance only, including one meal will be $50/person.
    Friday evening Alan Keyes dinner and keynote address only will be $35.00
    For voting purposes, please be current with your Annual National Committee Membership Dues @ $100/person 

    (Please note: Number of registrations is for participants, NOT dollar amounts.)

    CLICK HERE for a printable, mail-in registration form.



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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to nothing.”
– Edmund Burke


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