Randall Terry for President

Randall Terry and Stephen Broden win the nomination for Constitution Party Presidential Ticket



Randall Terry won the nomination on the first ballot and his selection for Vice President of Pastor Stephen Broden was approved by acclamation.


Randall Terry is a Pro-Life Leader, Speaker, Musician and Author for 30 years. He has a master’s degree in foreign relations and international Terrorism. His speaking ability, his knowledge of history, his candor, and passion to train others makes him a lethal weapon to the enemies of God, and a vital teacher to those that wish to learn. He has made it his goal to raise up an Army of Righteous Leaders and activists.

Pastor Stephen Broden is the founder and Senior Pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship for over 35 years (a non-denominational inner-city church) in Dallas, Texas, a resident of the Dallas area for over forty-three years.


Learn more about the candidates at their campaign website https://www.terry2024.com/candidates