Message From the Chairman

“United States is stupid … I come back every time.” — Rolando Mota-Campos

Frank Fluckiger – Chairman, National Executive Committee


Mota-Campos spit this out after his 11th arrest for crimes ranging from abduction, assault, four DUIs, vehicular assault, attempted robbery, and domestic violence. He’s been deported three times … and has vowed to return.

The overall tally of the criminal behavior by illegal aliens is grim. In a 2007 Government Accountability Office study of 55,322 illegal aliens, analysts discovered that they were arrested at least 459,614 times, averaging about eight arrests per illegal alien: 70 percent had been arrested between two and 10 times, and 26 percent (about 15,000) had 11 or more arrests on their records. Approximately 12 percent (over 6,600 illegal aliens) were arrested for violent offenses such as murder, robbery, assault, and sex-related crimes.

Fox News uncovered and analyzed another government report: “Of the 160,000 people in the federal government’s database, more than 26,000 were re-arrested — accounting for nearly 58,000 crimes and violations. They allegedly committed nearly 8,500 drunken-driving offenses, and more than 6,000 drug-related violations and 3,000 thefts. The records also show over one thousand major criminal offenses, which included murder, child molestation, lynching, torture, rape, and kidnapping.”

Nationwide, the number of people prosecuted for sneaking back illegally after being deported has increased by 175 percent since 2005, according to a report by Syracuse University.

Those numbers don’t reflect the tragic personal stories …

• Guatemalan illegal alien Juan Tzun was convicted of a felony and given three years probation — he should have been deported. A year later he was caught driving drunk: three more years probation, but no deportation. A year later, Tzun was caught driving drunk a second time and was released on bail — two months later he hit a pedestrian and instantly killed him. Finally, he was detained … until an immigration judge freed him on bond. Tzun spent all of 35 days in jail, and is now in detention pending deportation.

• Mexican illegal alien Santana Batiz Aceves is charged with 47 counts of rape based on DNA evidence. He has already been deported twice and faces charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault, sexual abuse of a minor, and providing false documents.

Will the “conservative” GOP stand up against the illegal alien invasion? Well, one recent news story revealed, “84 House Republicans have publicly voiced support for granting some type of legal status to the 11 million immigrants here in the country illegally, and 20 others have said they would be willing to consider it — many more than what most media reports suggest.”

With the Democrats leading the charge for open borders, and the Libertarians seeing no harm in millions of illegal aliens taking away jobs from Americans out of work, that leaves the Constitution Party as the only reliable political block to the illegal alien invasion.

Our state affiliates are running candidates on the clear and courageous Constitution Party platform which reads in part …

We affirm the integrity of the international borders of the United States and the Constitutional authority and duty of the federal government to guard and to protect those borders, including the regulation of the numbers and of the qualifications of immigrants into the country.

Do you agree with that statement? If so, please support the Constitution Party — we are the only political party that consistently opposes any kind of amnesty and seeks full protection of our borders, using U.S. troops if necessary. After all, the invasion of illegal aliens is a national security issue.

Your investment of $30 will help us spread the news about our views on amnesty and the illegal alien invasion. And there’s an eager audience waiting to hear what we have to say. Recent polls reveal that about 53 percent of U.S. citizens believe most or all illegal aliens should be deported, and a remarkable 55 percent of registered voters disapprove of Obama’s handling of immigration policy. Americans want to hear from us.

Please contribute what you can in this fight to protect American jobs and our national security. A gift of $20, $30, $50 or even $100 or $200 will go a long way in our efforts.

Constitution Party candidates are gearing up now … we are undertaking ballot access initiatives … we must print literature and get it into the hands of thousands of voters — in fact, hundreds of thousands. Please be generous with a contribution of $30 or $50 or just $15 or $20.

The Constitution Party stands alone — and proudly — in defense of America. The illegal alien invasion is a bi-partisan problem, and only a third party, only this third party, has the solutions voters are waiting to hear.