Message From the Chairman

The New York Times!

The New York Times!

Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman

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It’s not often I read in a major newspaper that there is an urgent need for a third party. This past Sunday there was a forum in the New York Times of all places. It started with this comment from a retired professor of economics:

The two-party system has become a curse. It is responsible for a destructive polarization of American society and government.

 Then readers like this one from California reacted:

I wholeheartedly agree. It is nothing short of absurd to assume that upward of 300 million Americans of incredibly diverse backgrounds can all be fitted into just two political parties. This is why political participation and voter turnout are so shamefully low in this country. 

And this comment from a New York voter:

A true multiparty system in the United States would be a step forward … actual competition of ideas might ensue, and voter turnout might rise … unfortunately, it is not simple. Electoral laws in the United States are rigged to give two parties dominance, and have mostly eliminated competitive  electoral districts. 

Just a month or so ago, Gallup polls once again revealed that a majority of voters want a third party — but this time the margins of support were the highest ever, with 52% of Republicans and 49% of Democrats stating they are seeking an alternatives to their own party’s candidates.

Frankly, despite the hospitable political climate we are working in, the Constitution Party has practical and burdensome issues to deal with. Ballot access is number one. I’ve addressed it in the current newsletter. Outreach is second: we have a brand new website — we need to promote this exciting new recruitment tool. We have friends in the Tea Party, right-to-life movement, homeschoolers, and so many more patriots looking for a political home. They just need to know we are here.

That’s why I’m asking you to help with our mini-campaign to raise $1,100 — we can post ads on Facebook and Google that will be seen by thousands. When we’ve experimented in advertising before, it was a resounding success. We need to do more.

Your gift of $25 or $50 is needed to put finishing touches on the website and to place ads. A donation of just $20 will really help. If only 15 members and friends of the Constitution party gave $35, we’d be half way to our goal.

Will you contribute $35?

No matter what your investment, $15 or $150, we are moving ahead as you will see in the December newsletter. And that, thanks to you, is something we can point to with pride.