Message From the Chairman

The CFR and the 2016 Election

by Frank Fluckiger
20 February 2015
American-Constitutionist Many of our Conservative friends are still taken to the word “Conservative.” Barry Goldwater’s “Conservative” was different than the one George Bush used, and that term took on new meaning with Mitt Romney. The point I’m making is “Conservative” has been diluted to fit any candidate who dons the mantle — from the religious right, to tax cutting politicians, to media stars.

That word is most cleverly used by the powerful political elitists who are trying to manipulate the election process.

Let’s back up: no special interest group has had more impact over foreign policy in the 20th century than the Council on Foreign Relations. I believe America has one political party with two CFR arms (see Chuck Baldwin’s overview: More on the New World Order)

Mike Huckabee was once listed as a member of the CFR and presumably has not severed all relations to the secretive group — they most certainly have influence over his policies. He’s endorsed Common Core.

Although it’s hard to find his name as a current member, Jeb Bush, was co-chair of the “CFR Task Force Report on U.S. Immigration Policy” in 2009.

Robert Gates, of the internationalist Gates Foundation, and the mega-rich Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, are part of the Rand Paul machine. Zuckerberg is an unlikely Paul ally: he’s long been a Democrat — but held a fund-raiser for Chris Christie. Now they’re behind Paul. What do Zuckerberg and Gates know that we don’t?

Despite the odds, the Constitution Party is making progress. And we are attracting new friends and allies: please read the February edition of the American Constitutionist to see who our special guest will be at April’s National Committee meeting in Pittsburgh.

Yes, the political power brokers are tough … they have inroads into “Conservative” campaigns … but we have a bigger constituency: 48% of registered voters do not go to the polls because they see no choices between Socialist Parties “A” and “B.” A party with principles, creative ideas, and candidates who speak the truth will inspire many to come to our banner. We need not use “Conservative” because we are Constitutionists.