Message From the Chairman

Response to the Washington Times: There is a Constitution Party

Recently, the Washington Times posted an op-ed piece by Joseph Curl entitled “The Grand Old Party is about to go bust” (

Constitution Party National Chairman Frank Fluckiger wrote the following response:

Frank 1 Joseph Curl certainly displayed his talent with the pen in his  witty and sarcastic article, “The Grand Old Party is about to go Boom!  He expressed well the thoughts of many Americans who are totally frustrated with the GOP’s elite leadership of the party.    His prediction of the rise of the rise of the Constitution Party bearing Paul and Cruz as the presidential ticket was also interesting. I am not sure, however, that Mr. Curl is aware that such a party exits: it was in fact organized in 1992 by long time conservative grass  roots organizer, the late Howard Phillips.  The adoption of the  Constitution Party by Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as their new affiliation  would certainly be welcomed by many  party members. Some of the views by Senators Cruz and Paul are in total alignment with  planks of  the Constitution Party platform.

With that said, the Constitution Party members have their work cut out  for them. The party has elected a number of its candidates to local  office in states across the nation, but it needs to gain ballot access  in all regions of country if it hopes to attract candidates of the caliber of Cruz and Paul.   Even though the party is working on ballot position in most of the  Western states, and is on the ballot in Florida and a number of other  battle ground states, the stumbling blocs to ballot access have always  been the establishment parties. They write the election rules and regulations. What America needs is an open market for  independent political alternatives. The next two years with determine if those voters who’ve had enough with campaign business-as-usual will  make their voices heard. 

In any event the country would be far better off with the demise of the Republican Party as Joseph Curl suggested in his article — its  name, like the Democrats, constitutes false advertising.