Message From the Chairman

Newsletter + Reaching the Business Community

Newsletter + Reaching the Business Community

 ~ 27 February 2014 ~

by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman –

Newsletter_header1_consEagleRed As you will read in our latest newsletter, your Constitution Party has invested in reaching out to various constituencies that are looking for a political home.

Recently, I read a story that quoted Democrat Representative Rebecca Hamilton (an 18-year member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives): “Don’t bend your knee to the R and the D. Do not give them your vote or your support in a blind fashion. Christians are going to have to choose this day who we will serve.”  

Thanks to your generous support,176,000 people — and counting — recently saw (on the average more than five times) our internet ad that reads: “America’s only 100% Pro-Life political party! From conception to natural death.”

Pro-lifers … homeschoolers … end the Fed advocates … opponents of the UN and other organizations that challenge US sovereignty … all are voter blocs we are trying to reach. Many times their issue interests overlap which makes them even better prospects for the Constitution Party.

But in this mix of those hot button causes, we must not forget the people who make the nation run, and that’s business owners.

They are a constituency interested in cutting the size, power, and cost of the federal government.

You’ll read in the newsletter of one businessman who sought us out — a successful entrepreneur one would normally write-off as a typical Republican — but his heart was touched by the clear stands we take on moral issues, and he was energized by the strong pro-free enterprise planks in the Constitution Party platform.

Remember, many patriotic business owners are opposed to illegal immigration — that gives unfair advantage in the open market of goods and services. They suffer the initial impact of the bi-partisan tax and spend policies.

And our specific and forthright stands on private ownership, energy production, wage and price controls, and Social Security — if better known — will attract more business leaders to our party. Their active support, as volunteers in building the infrastructure of state party affiliates, is key to our success. Their financial investments are vital in the Constitution Party’s effort to gain ballot access.

That’s why I’m asking you to underwrite more Internet ads — messages that will bring business leaders to our Facebook and website pages— they’ll immediately see the stark (and refreshing) differences we offer voters as compared to the elitist-owned political parties.

Your investment of $20, $30, $40 or $100 will bring back dividends in volunteers, candidates, and ballot access.

Your gift of $50 or even $15 will allow us to reach entrepreneurs, manufacturers, service industry leaders and more — to proclaim we are proudly pro-business. Help us extend our hand of friendship to this constituency — just as we are reaching out to pro-lifers. Smart business leaders and Constitution party members make good partners.


P.S. And be sure to read about our exciting new membership program, The Howard Phillips Legacy Society. This new monthly pledge fund provides a simple way to give, and offers participants many premiums such as a one gram 999.9 pure silver ingot especially created for the Constitution Party. Read what membership in this important group — named after the founder of our party — means to our continued growth.