Message From the Chairman

March Edition of The American Constitutionist: Candidates and More…

March Edition of The American Constitutionist: Candidates and More…

19 March 2014

 – by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman – 

Frank 1 The Constitution Party offers candidates and a platform far different from our competitors. We are 100% pro-life, support home schooling, oppose NAFTA and other “free trade” pacts, and promote a monetary system backed by gold and silver. And, unlike the other parties, all our candidates consistently subscribe to our platform.

That’s why I’m writing. We need you on the front lines — especially as a candidate for office. We are recruiting men and women who fully understand and believe in the Constitution. Your Constitution Party must have candidates on the ballot for such offices such as county commissioner, county clerk or other county offices, state representative, and state senator. Of course our party fields candidates for all offices — state and federal — but a campaign that targets voters closes to home has the most impact. Our election victories, or even near misses, have all been at the grass roots level. 

As you will read in our latest newsletter, candidate and campaign training and presentations on “hot button issues” will be the focus of the Constitution Party’s National Committee meeting in Memphis. I urge you to attend the April 25-26th conference for a number of reasons, especially to find out how to be an effective candidate of the Constitution Party. It’s always gratifying to hear from delegates and guests saying how much they enjoyed the fellowship with old and new friends. Please be sure to register ASAP to take advantage of the early bird discount. That deadline is March 28th.

To field candidates for office requires access to the public — the Constitution Party must be an option on the ballot. In many states that means obtaining the signatures of thousands of voters, and we are urgently at work in several states. To address this national effort that will allow our fellow citizens to cast a ballot for the Constitution Party candidates, your financial investment is vital. We have hundreds of volunteers at work, but still need the assistance of professional ballot access coordinators and attorneys to complete the job.

Your donation will help fund this drive. A gift of $75, $50, or even $20 is needed right now as we are at work — or about to launch — ballot access drives in several states. May I count on your support?

Please consider this message an invitation to join us in Memphis to see the mechanics of the Constitution Party up close — and to hear how you can be an effective candidate and spokesman for the Constitution Party. 

And, above all else, please give generously to underwrite the most fundamental task of the Constitution party: gaining access to state ballots so we may offer candidates to voters eager to hear our unique message of Constitutionally guaranteed liberty and freedom.