Message From the Chairman

Can This Be America’s Last CHRISTmas?

Are we losing our country?

Dear Constitution Party Friend,

Despite my growing concern for America, the Christmas season reminds me of the countless blessings our Savior has bestowed upon our great country.

I am also reminded of the immeasurable good fortune I have to count you as a fellow warrior in the battle to restore as public policy those values that have made our country the envy of the world.

But I also cannot ignore the danger we face of losing everything that America has stood for.

The following actions serve to illustrate the belief with the complicity of both major parties that the Federal Government can, without limit, do anything it wants to do.

    • The Biden regime continues to push for U.S. taxpayer funding of Ukraine, the money-laundering piggy bank for Democrats and neo-con Republicans.
    • 8-12,000/day aliens are illegally crossing our southern border, a substantial number of which are military-aged Muslim males from communist China, Africa, Afghanistan, and other terrorist territories. Our DOD plans to provide them with weapons and military training as a pathway to citizenship.
    • Sanctuary cities, Chicago and New York, are converting airports and 5-Star hotels into holding centers for the massive influx of illegal aliens and demanding U.S. taxpayers finance their dilemma.
    • Congress passed the $866B NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) angering members of the House Freedom Caucus and freedom-loving Americans. Nothing in the bill prohibits Ukraine funding, drag queen shows, racial division, or taxpayer funded transgender surgery.
    • A Rasmussen survey revealed that over 20% of voting Americans admitted to violating the law engaging in some form of fraud using mail-in ballots. Click here: Rasmussen Survey
    • The elite administrative state is expanding their abuse and pulling out the stops in 2024 to destroy our Constitutional Republic, which sits on life support.

Despite this list of bad news, the resistance is growing in countries all over the world.  People are rapidly learning that globalism is a death cult.  People realize that their governments lied about the Covid-19 “Planned-demic”.  Years of collected data prove that BIG Pharma’s “Vaccine” was not safe or effective.



The Constitution Party is needed now more than ever as a viable alternative because America cannot survive much longer with the two current political “choices.”

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The Constitution Party simply must continue to grow so that we can be prepared to offer America candidates who understand our Constitution and who will abide by their Oath of Office.

We urgently need your financial support today.  Our 2024 election year plans will grind to a halt if I am not able to raise much needed funds immediately to keep the lights on.



Clearly, the Constitution Party is the natural home for principled voters.  And just as clearly, a strong, viable Constitution Party will put pressure on so-called “conservative” leaders in Washington and all over the country to do what they are elected to do … defend and protect the Constitution.

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Our message to State and Federal Government is that there is a better way – the protection of individual rights and a strong economy through the U.S. Constitution.

I pray in this most blessed of seasons I can count on your generosity so that we can work to offer our country and our posterity the greatest Christmas gift of all, a future bright with hope, secure from enemies foreign and domestic and safe for the unborn.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous Christmas.



Yours for Liberty,

Jim Clymer
National Chairman

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