Why does the Constitution Party use the term “Constitutionist”?

According to Webster’s 1828 dictionary, a constitutionist is, “one who adheres to the constitution of the country,” ‘constitution’ meaning the document which founded the country. The same dictionary defines the word constitutionalist as “an adherent to the constitution of government,” the word ‘constitution’ referring to how the government is structured and functions, rather than to a specific document.

The current government functioning in Washington D.C. is not constituted in the same manner as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, which founded the country. It is a bloated bureaucracy, continually acting in defiance of the Constitution at every turn. It is controlled by a two-party system not authorized in the Constitution, which enacts unconstitutional legislation, and usurps authority where none is given, no matter which party is in charge. The Constitution Party cannot support this Liberty-destroying system, which falsely describes itself as operating under the Constitution, or “constitutional”. In this sense, we are not constitutionalists.

A Constitutionist, on the other hand, believes in the principles of the original Constitution, and is firmly committed to keeping those principles intact, from all enemies – foreign and domestic. We believe that by returning to the limited federal government, as authorized in the Constitution, we will see Liberty and Prosperity return to the nation. In order to separate ourselves from those who wish to keep the current government functioning outside the Constitution, we call ourselves Constitutionists and call for a complete re-establishment of the American Republic according to the original intent of the Framers.