Mid-Western States Regional Chairman

Paul Venable

Paul Venable grew up in Columbus, Ohio as the eldest of five children, and learned early from his parents, that nothing works like work and has since made his living and retired in the field of Information Technology.  He also learned from them an abiding faith in our Creator and love for our nation, the United States of America.  They also taught him these timeless and priceless truths – that people are more important than things and what someone is on the inside is far more relevant than how one looks on the outside.

Paul served as chairman of The Constitution Party of Idaho for seven years and is currently chairman of the Constitution Party of Missouri and has been a candidate for office, most recently, for the Missouri race for United States Senate.

As a personal outreach, he and his wife, Susan have held and organized public and private forums to teach the principles of liberty and of the proper role of government through the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. He has also actively lobbied local and legislative bodies in a private capacity on issues of tax relief, limited government, empowering the people and strengthening the family.

Paul Venable was appointed and approved as Midwestern States Chairman at the Spring 2023 National Committee Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri.