Eastern States Regional Chairman

Dave Kopacz

David P. Kopacz Sr. is a life long resident of western Massachusetts where he currently lives with his wife Cynthia and further blessed with two sons and three step-children. Dave holds a degree in Environmental Science Technology with a specialty in wetland systems and bio-remediation. His professional training and acquired skills helped to maximize his effectiveness as he dedicated over two decades of Public Service to area municipalities.

However, Dave is best known for his activism, persistence, and longevity. He is a two time duly elected Delegate to the Nation Convention, popular public speaker, and hosts the Annual Flag Day Second Amendment Rally which has quickly become the largest 2A event in Massachusetts. He and Cynthia, also host of Red Pill Politics show, which started in 2009 on local FM radio and still broadcasts to this day on a variety of modern platforms. Dave was also featured in two recent documentaries called “Good Guys With Guns” and “Unsustainable” which chronicles the incremental institutionalizing of UN Agenda 21 (2030) into domestic policy.

As the Eastern Regional Chairman of the Constitution Party, Dave is a outstanding team-builder with a unwavering commitment to the principles of the Party and the Constitution. Dave’s track record for identifying and harnessing the specific skill-sets of activists and peers will surely fortify his efforts and focus on early organizing and youth outreach within the region. Additionally, his direct experience with local government makes him a primary resource for strengthening our local base and building from the ground up.