Your Help is Needed to Put Alaska Over the Top!


Your Help is Needed to Put Alaska Over the Top


Dear Lovers of Liberty,

Urgent:  Time Sensitive

We are currently gathering signatures to get the Constitution Party ballot-qualified in the state of Alaska. Your help is urgently needed to make that goal a reality. We have received an exceptionally good offer from a ballot petitioner, who we have worked with in past years.

He is guaranteeing us ballot access for a fee of $10,000, which is $2.00 per signature. If he fails to achieve access, the $10,000 will be refunded to the Party. For that price, he is covering all expenses, including the copying of documents, his travel and lodging, and other expenses related to getting this task accomplished. We have worked with this petitioner in the past, and he has always come through on his agreement.

Off-year elections are slow for petitioners resulting in their fees being much lower. If we wait until 2024, we could expect the cost to at least double. So, this is an offer we simply cannot refuse. Gaining access now gives us an additional two years to seek candidates to run for local and state office in Alaska. That is an important consideration.

We have already raised over $4,300 thanks to two of our former presidential candidates’ donations. Now, we need to raise the remaining funds.

If 114 people would each donate $50, we will reach our goal of $10,000! Whatever amount you can send, more or less than $50, will be appreciated.

We need to reach our goal by Friday, September 30, 2022. Again, if you are in a position to help in this effort, then please do so and ask your like-minded friends to do the same.

Please go to the “Donate” page on the  national website, scroll down and select the choice of “Nationwide Ballot Access” or your “State’s Assessment Fees”.  Simply make your donation by clicking here:  Donate – Constitution Party

Donations designated as state assessments can be used for ballot access or Party operating expenses. Several supporters have requested that the state assessment option be offered in states where the annual assessment has not been satisfied, which is why we agreed to also make that option available.

Please note that as donations are received, we will keep you informed of the total amount on the national website.

Thank you in advance for your support.

For the cause of LIBERTY,


Jim Clymer

National Chairman

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Questions or Comments:  Contact Donna Ivanovich, Administrative Assistant to the National Chairman